Powerbox Experiences

(Jon Webb) #1

Hi All,

I’m pretty new to the forum and twizy’s in general so I thought this would be the best place to ask the following question.
I’ve read a lot on here about twizy powerbox’s and I’m really interested in one, my only question is whether people have had the same experience I have with one. I drove a friends twizy a few months before buying mine that had a powerbox, I’m unsure of the brand or model but it seemed to only allow you to go flat out for about 10-15 seconds before the stop light would come on and it would roll you back to a low power mode.
I understand that this will happen as some point to protect the motors etc but does it always last such a short time at full throttle?
For me I think the powerbox would still be worth it just to make it a more enjoyable drive overall but I just wanted to hear some experiences from users!

Thanks in advance,


(Lightly) #2

I have the mid map on mine & this does not make the light come on at all.
I wasn’t really interested in having the performance, but wouldn’t go back now, the Twizy is properly nippy off the mark now & will do 60 mph if you need to

(Kenneth) #3


Adjusting Power after just 10 to 15 seconds is way too early. That stop light comes on right away is correct (at MaxPowert Tuning) but it should not adjust Power before the engine gets at least 90 degrees.
At 90c it adjusts from Sport to Normal
At 100c it adjusts from Normal to ECO.

If your Powerbox adjusts too early, check the temperature sensor.
To check it, do the following:

Let your Twizy stand overnight so it’s 100% cooled.
read the air temperature that is around the car.
start your Twizy and read the M temperature on the Powerbox.
The air temp and M temp should now be almost the same.
Is there a lot of difference then enter the Powerbox menu and adjust the Motor Temp Offset.

But if your engine gets warm after only 10 to 15 seconds then there’s something serious wrong with it