PowerBox - STOP light under full power


So just got a Twizy with a v2 PowerBox. Under full acceleration, the red STOP light comes on in the dashboard and goes away again when I lift off on the accelerator.

Why is STOP light there?

In case you fry the motor.

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What do you mean? Is it a temp issue? Would it be fixed with a oil change?

Hello Everyone
This happens with my PowerBox V2 but it hasn’t caused any problems in the last year.
Initially I asked about this but it was said it was a Firmware issue and not to worry
I also think Andy Kirby covered this on you tube so have a look at that.
I think you will be ok, Just “Keep er lit” lol


As I understand it, it’s triggered when the motor current exceeds a preset level.

The PowerBox increases the current above what the ECU expects to see so triggers the warning.

I quite like it as it confirms the PowerBox is still having an effect.

Ok, I’ll just leave things as they are - pedal to the metal

PowerBox has three settings, “Light”, “Medium” and “Max”. I think they correspond to 80Nm, 90Nm and 100Nm torque.

Light never lights STOP. Medium does it sometimes. Max lights STOP right away when you floor the pedal. :slight_smile:

I believe it is triggered by the Twizy battery controller, which notices that the battery current is over some fixed stock limit. It shouldn’t be harmful.

The Tesla is always in Ludicrous Plus and the Twizy is always in PowerBox Max mode, I don’t understand the need for other settings :slight_smile:

I have Twizy 45 with Twizy 80 sevcon + Powerbox. :slight_smile: I’m slightly worried about the 45’s gearbox which has shorter ratio than Twizy 80, so it puts out much more output torque with same powerbox settings… It’s already “Ludicrous” at 80Nm Light power mode. :slight_smile: