Rapid chargepoint at home?


(James Cook) #1

Does anyone know if this is possible?

Would be great to charge our cars in 30 mins as opposed to 3-6 hours :smiley:

(Paul Chapman) #2

For the Twizy or in general?

I have seen a number of options for the Tesla from third party companies.

(James Cook) #3

In general. I’ve only ever seen companies offering fast charge 22kw chargers for home use. Wasn’t sure if the infrastructure limited homes to this sort of power.

(osbrook) #4

Forget Rapid Charging. You would need a 3 phase supply ( 3x the cost) and the units were around £55k

(James Cook) #5

Haha, that pretty much answers the question then! :joy:

I assumed the reason must be something like this.