Rear brake discs

(Lightly) #1

Took the plunge & ordered a new set of rear discs this week . Mine are totally worn out, having used up 3 sets of pads.
Anyway they arrived today, retail it £101 each + vat (sure I was quoted more a few months back)
Anyway this is what you get , no wonder they are so much!!!
Actually quite good value considering

(osbrook) #2

Wow that is a lot less than before. Good find.

(Iain Rowan) #3

Did you buy direct from Renault?

(Lightly) #4

Yes, local dealer

(Matt West) #5

So by the looks of this, you can’t buy just the discs then - they come as the whole assembly (alloy arms, wheel bearing & disc)? How ridiculous! Can’t the discs be separated easily?

(Lightly) #6

The bearings are built into the discs, so would be hard to split it all up.
Considering what you get, they are not bad value.


Part # ?