Recall on brake fluid leaks


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Anyone had this problem? (I dont have this however I appear to have a sticky accelerator in damp weather, there’s a delay in the pedal returning to position when lifting off the gas that could be potentially dangerous)?

(osbrook) #2

I’ve never managed to get the front panel off mine to check the fluid. Not noticed it problems with either brakes or accelerator yet.
Mine doesn’t always feel like the regen is working, despite the display saying it is, but that is a different issue to the one here.

So I wonder how many of ours will get the call? Some of the UK ones must have been in that date range.

“[FONT=arial]A Renault spokesman said 6,247 Twizy vehicles, made between January 27 and May 1 of this year, were affected by the recall. Most of the vehicles were sold in [/FONT][France[COLOR=#404040][FONT=arial] and [/FONT][:lol:[FONT=arial], as well as in [/FONT]Switzerland[FONT=arial].”

Easy to tell the ones that were not for the UK as they were left hand drive.[/FONT]](“")]("”)

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Do you mean the regen not working randomly or when the battery is full when it says regen is working but does not, until you’ve emptied the battery a bit?

I wonder if many UK ones will be recalled?[FONT=arial], as well as in [/FONT]Switzerland[FONT=arial]."

Easy to tell the ones that were not for the UK as they were left hand drive.[/FONT]](“")]("”)

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Thanks for heads up on this-have rang the dealers to ask if mine involved and will post the response.
Cheers :wink:

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Renault dealer rang straight back, was first he had heard of it, will have list of chassis numbers affected tomorrow and will update me.

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Update as above, but apparently only 225 cars between VIN numbers [FONT=sans-serif]VF1ACVYB046688298 to VF1ACVYB047422713.[/FONT]

Mine falls into this range, I wonder if it will be recalled then? I would have thought that all cars between these VINs would be?
[FONT=sans-serif]Perhaps this is because the site is UK recalls and there are 225 between these numbers in the UK? Sounds like all of them!

(Trevor) #7

Oops. Mine is one of them too so I will report back here!

(Bassflex) #8

I have always found my brakes a ropey. I put it down to it still only doing 300 miles and the fact I am still used to the stopping power of abs brakes? They just feel that if you really needed to stop you would need to apply a flying kick to it. But then maybe it’s just new spongey brakes.

(mender) #9

My Twizy brakes are superb-you just have to get used to not having the servo assistance (magnifies the pressure you exert) as fitted to nearly every car for the last 20 years.
I find mine superbly progressive, well weighted and very powerful-now I am used to the lack of servo assistance-they are a great feature of the car!

(Trevor) #10

I second that. Twizy brakes are superb. Or should be. Non servo discs on a light vehicle are they way to go and I used to race a Lotus Europa with a similar setup. Power steering and servo ABS brakes have made us forget what real driving is about. Yes you can lock a wheel up with a panic stab at the pedal on wet surfaces but Twizy doesnt go anywhere.

(osbrook) #11

Cars built were built between January 2012 and May 2012
Checked my VIN number and it is latter than the range specified. I know mine was already built by May 2012 as I saw the Renault listing. I remember the dealer saying I was lucky that I had picked a spec of one that was built and ready. Not that it got in to the UK very quickly.

Or it means my is really old and was built before 2012.

(system) #12

I’ve already ready has my Twizy in for new accelerator less than 2 months ago now need to take it in again as this one 1 doing the same. If i could afford i would be jumping ship to the Smart electric car thats coming out. Had more trouble than its worth with my Twizy.

(mender) #13

Cue recall number 2 :rolleyes:

(mender) #14

Oh, and number 3 for the hazard light switch while they’re at it? :S

(ItMayJustWork) #15

Hoping to get mine next week. Sounds a little worrying. What issues have you had ?

(Lightly) #16

No issues with mine yet, and its done about 1600 miles :slight_smile:

(mender) #17

I’m on a very wet 1900 miles and all is ok for now :smiley:


I’m on about 3500 miles and no troubles as of yet.

(ItMayJustWork) #19

Just Agg then ?

(mender) #20

Twizywindows has had the accelerator and hazard light switch issues, if I remember correctly-but he’s in damp Scotland :lol: