Renault Tinted windows

(Luis Jaramillo) #1

Here is your chance to save a little money on my mistake. So I sent one of my customers 2 sets of windows by mistake. He currently lives in the EU (Romania) and is willing to send the windows to any buyer. 300euro with shipping included and you can have a new set of windows.

(pisoiu) #2

Hi Luis,
I’m interested, same country. Please keep them for me. Can you pm me how can we proceed with payment? Thank you.

(Daniel Reclik) #3

I would like to buy it. is it still available? How to block it for me and organize paymeny?

(pisoiu) #4

Sorry, I just installed them on my twizy.

(Luis Jaramillo) #5

Hi Daniel, I have more sets available if you still want one but unfortunately not for that price.

(Daniel Reclik) #6


Thank You for the message. I hope that i will get the Mihai one. He sent today the package so probably topic is closed

(Luis Jaramillo) #7

That’s awesome! You’re going to love them!

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