Renault Twizy F1 kit

(Luka Djuraskovic) #1

Hello to all of you

I am starting to make a F1 kit but not the 5000 eur one :slight_smile:

It will be light, made of compination of plastic and aluminium and the objective is to make it front, rear , and sides simillar to the f1 model . Objective is to fit in 500 eur so if anyone is interested let me know so i update you with the progress. I hope ill make it in 30 days.

(Luka Djuraskovic) #2


Hey Luka, keep us all posted on progress. I’ve seen the F1 cars prepared by Oakley design in the flesh and they used a lot of carbon fibre and billet aluminium so I’ll interested how you achieve the same result at a fraction of the price. The cars they prepared were sold for around £20K each…


(alex) #4

…i believe Luka will make it even better looking!
Keep it up!!!

(Luka Djuraskovic) #5

I know. I am more for a budget option that looks good and i want to make it easy to remove so if you are in a mood to drive it F1 today you have a 10 min job to do it :slight_smile:
I can make it the same like they did as my friend makes cars himself , all the body in the design people ask but its a waste of money at least for our loved Twizyes :slight_smile:


I know someone with an F1 Twizy - could probably get measurements if you needed anything :slight_smile:

(Luka Djuraskovic) #7

That would help a lot if you can do it


I can try. He is a customer of my friend. Here’s a photo of it in my friend’s workshop:

(alex) #9

… where did he get the led blinkers??? :astonished:

(Edd) #10

+1 love them!!

(DaniJ) #11

Yes! …Go for it Luka!

Keep us updated!

(Luka Djuraskovic) #12

Looks great. Ill make the front spoiler smaller as its big . Found the tyres for my Twizy so first the wheels and than the rest :slight_smile:

(Håvard Hardy) #13

How is this going? i want! :stuck_out_tongue:

(Luka Djuraskovic) #14

I was stuck with my wheels upgrade as it was complicated so i am late but will work hard on in in the next 2 weeks.

(Alex) #15

have you have this kit yet ?


(Hugo) #17

i Want a kit! :wink: Let me know when you have results.

(Hugo) #18

Hi luka, any progress in f1 body parts?
I am really interested.

(Kang David) #19

I need one :slight_smile:!1

(Andy) #20

Bump :wink:

(James Cook) #21

Oakley designed Twizy for sale on eBay You want an F1 Twizy!