Replace entire headlight with LED Daymaker?



Wonderful :clap: Do you have his Facebook link?

(Håkan Lidell) #22

(Håkan Lidell) #23

The adapters look like this, all except superglue and daymakers are included and is easy to fit, excellent support from the seller!

Good luck!


Cheers! :slight_smile:

(Páll Sigurður Björnsson) #25

Hi Håkan.

Just wondering if there is any markers, or something that tells how to fasten the rings on the headlights.
I mean, how can you tell if the fastening holes are on exactly right place, before you glue them on?
(I hope you understand what I mean :slightly_smiling_face: )


(Håkan Lidell) #26


I understand and you don’t need to worry, there is almost like a cut out in the rings that correspond to a small edge on the lights, and the video description the seller has on Facebook is also really easy to follow.

Go ahead and order with confedence :blush:


FYI, in the cold/humid weather, the headlights I bought have been dogging up on the inside quite a bit. Not a problem for the Twizy driver, but does create more glare to the cars in front of you.