Royal Twizy


Did anyone see this? -

Can’t believe they’ve got that number plate! I’m sure I would have seen that when I was searching for mine back in June! Then again I may have omitted it from my search because it had 2 Zs in it :rolleyes:

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It should have gold writing on it to complete the Harrods trim :cool:


Apparently it’s “a distinctive British Racing Green”

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Just noticed this is the same car…unless they sold the plate.

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Excellent posting-interesting to see this :wink:

As I said on:

“…The Twizy is easy to alter/modify, so why not offer a UK model with standard doors and windows with a tie in to a well loved British company; eg send over grey Urbans with doors, flaps and windows and have a UK firm do a partial wrap (e.g the doors and some stickers) to make it UK edition. Barbour? National Trust edition??..”

This might be what Renault needs to set up a UK special edition to help UK sales-do a similar special edition with standard doors and windows and call it something to do with London or loosely linked to the Royals.

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Well spotted, I knew I’d seen it once before-we mentioned it in the private plates thing IIRC

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Some more pics on:

It has the windows and doors…

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Plate transferred-the one above is a Colour, the Royal one is a Technic with the white seat


In which case I wonder how much they sold the plate for lucky buggers

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I guess the plate belongs to Renault and they put it on this as part of a PR deal along with the placement of the Twizy…