Rubbing wheels/brakes


(Paul) #1

Twizy has been garaged over the winter and now when I drive it I can hear a rubbing from the wheels/brake area.

Is there a simple fix?

(osbrook) #2

Drive fast and brake hard. Then hope the brake come off.

How often do you visit the twizyowners forum?
(Iain Rowan) #3

No fix yet, just garbage brake system from Renault. I followed Renault advice after I had my brake discs and pads replaced after 500 miles but the scraping noise is back.

I drive the Twizy everyday.
I brake hard from top speed
It’s covered up from the rain

(Paul) #4

Thanks for the advice

(Alex) #5

Replace the brake caliper Pistons with my stainless replacement:)

(Paul) #6

The vehicle has only done 450 miles!

It was be fine before the Twizy was garaged for the winter.

(osbrook) #7

The rubbing is surface rust on the disks and stuck to the Pads. Some hard braking will scrap the rust off and eventually stop the noise.

As the Twizy brake calipers pistons are not protected from the weather then will rust etc if not used regularly especially after getting wet. Hence the suggestion to change the pistons for stainless one. Note only Alex has done this and the rest of us are okay. Some have had to strip the brakes down to clean them up and get them working. We don’t know if your brakes are bidding or just rubbing and being annoying. Try some braking and see if it goes off after a few miles.

Despite what you read on hear it isn’t a major issue. I use my car all year and all weathers and I’m still on the original brake pads and discs. If I park mine when the discs are wet I know the next day they will make a rubbing sound but it soon goes away.

(Paul) #8

Thank you very much.

(Magnus) #9

Are you still selling the stainless pistons? I’d like to buy. Please.