Scraping noise coming from wheels

I was wondering if anybody else has this chronic problem of the wheels sounding like they’re scraping on something as you drive?

I took the Twizy in for a service and they said that my break pads needed replacing so I got some new pads at £180. However the problem is still there and it’s quite embarrassing driving past people as it sounds really rough, and the rest of the car is so quiet!

James this used to be a common problem but as the pads wore down the issue got better until you need new pads. There was never quite enough clearance between the discs and pads and any rust would cause a rubbing/chuffing sound.
I did wonder if it was excessive rubbing that caused some Twizys to need new discs.

Is it really that much more complex to change the pads on a Twizy compared to a traditional car?

I started noticing it on one wheel before the pads were changed but now it sounds like it’s coming from at least 2 or 3 wheels at any one time. It is worse at the beginning of a journey but there’s one that’s consistently scraping no matter what I do.

Sounds like your brake calipers are sticking or stuck. They should have been checked and cleaned when the Pads were changed. If you think how they work it is a bit clearer. The piston sticks out more as the pads wear. This then get dirty and corroded and does not retract as easily so the pads stick on. We are talking about very small movements here.

Hand brake can drag on these… On an empty road I have pulled it up a little at about 20 mph the stopped and released it, I notice the noise went!

Just got my Twizy back after a month and they have managed to get rid of this noise. They said they didn’t see anything wrong with the brakes but that they went round and polished each one.

There must have been some rust/muck on at least one of them which was causing the scraping noise.

Don’t understand why they had to keep your Twizy for so long to come up that diagnosis. It seems that every time a Twizy goes in for something to be done, they keep it for a month or so. That’s a month battery rental down the drain.

It was in for other things too and the electrical cable recall hence the timeframe.

These things take just a few hours to do by a professional.

Ok so this noise initially came back soon after driving the car for a while again so I don’t think polishing the brakes did much.

However, something strange happened the other day. I hit a pothole with the left wheels and ever since then the noise has disappeared, the car seems smoother and the steering is lighter. It’s like the pothole dislodged something that was stuck somewhere. Pretty sure it isn’t my imagination either as I instantly noticed the difference as I was driving it.

Anyway, it’s a much more enjoyable drive now and it has the fun factor back. That awful noise was really grating on me :wink:

That’s good news. Maybe potholes do have their uses!!!

I drive my Twizy for almost a week now, and the noise from the wheels really start to eat my brain and patience. Some hard pushes on the brakepedal didn’t solve it thusfar. My Twizy was registered in 2012, I bought it just a week ago and in all that time it only did about 150 miles. So i wouldnt be suprised if the brakes need some serious checking & cleaning. I told the garage about the brakes after the testdrive and when I picked it up 5 or 6 days after I bought it, the problem was gone. But it soon came back. So what should I do? start spraying with some brakecleaner of go back to the dealership for some stop&go service?

I honestly wouldn’t know what to suggest. Mine seems to have cleared itself up after about a year, but the garage did polish the brakes for me a few weeks before it cleared itself up. Whether or not that’s a coincidence who knows.

May be worth getting the brakes polished and checked

Every two weeks i take the wheels off of mine, take the brake pads out and clean them. It’s fun to me.
If you want to do that too, i can create a tutorial.

Thanks, I have done brakepads on my 4stroke scooter 2 times already. What i don’t know yet is, where do i put the jack to lift a twizy-wheel of the ground(?) Taking the wheel off and cleaning the brake components shouldn’t be a problem for me. A tutorial based on 4 or 5 pictures could be usefull to me. Just pcitures of the few most important steps. I found out today that it is mostly my rear-right brake that makes noise while driving. It ruins the quit ride :frowning:

My brakes started to make some noises during the last days, so i guess it is brake time again. I will create a nice tutorial tomorrow with the important steps.
Untill then a picture of my twizy’s underbody. I marked the areas where to put the jack.

nice picture! :slight_smile: I never knew what the bottom was like. I see it’s already pretty flat. A bridge really helps working on the twizy. You know what they say; good tools are half the work.

Sorry, i couldnt create a tutorial. The other day my twizy was towed away because the reduction gear unit is loosing oil. Gear unit will be exchanged, but its not available yet.

Oh that sucks ass. Just bad luck of did you hit something with the bottom?

Mine is not the only twizy thats loosing oil. Quite a few gear units are beeing exchanged. I didnt hit anything, the unit is just not leakproof.