Seat cracked

I have a 2015 Twizy that has recently developed a crack in the passenger seat plastic. I noticed it as soon as it came back from an MOT, the garage owner says he knows nothing about it.
I was wondering if others have noticed cracks in their passenger seats, perhaps there is stress around the points where its mounted on the base and the cracks can just appear - just a thought.


My front seat crack underneath but I have never known a rear seat crack like that.
Under the seat pad you will find the plastic frame sits on a support and not where yours has cracked.

Pop the seat pad off - and see if the central rivet is still in place. If not lift the seat out and inspect it.

My Twizy has the same problem, I will use some fiberglass to reinforce it with the back side.

Cheap plastic that only waits for a good ice cold winter … :cold_face:

@JBS Do you know how your crack happened or did it just spontaneously happen when driving?
As I say I have no idea how this happened, I drive my kids in there (one at a time) occasionally and otherwise its got a light bag sitting on it for the commute, nothing heavy.

I think you may be right about the MOT, since the VIN number requires the seat to be removed to be visible and the MOT man needs to verify the VIN number to make sure he is actually looking at the correct car. May be he was not aware that need to ‘unlock’ it to remove it and just used brute force?

That part of the rear seat was riveted down on the early models, so brute force would crack it. I carry boxes of tools on my back seat and it hasn’t cracked yet.