Seat Minimo concept... just like a Twizy

(EricLafoy) #1

Seat will be showing their new urban vehicle at the Geneva motor show and it looks like a modern version of the Twizy or what the Twizy should look like in the future.

I like this
(EricLafoy) #2

I meant to say Minimo…

(osbrook) #3

Not many details about - where and how to charge the removable battery, top speed, battery size etc
It looks like a concept for a Twizy. Rater than something new.

(Andy Kirby) #4

Interesting and yes i agree it just looks like a twizy concept, I actually think the twizy looks modern apart from the front end.
I like the single headlight design, would be cool if someone could design a front panel for the twizy like that.

(Lloyd Edwards) #5

Wonder if we’ll see these on the road…I quite like it …

(James Cook) #6

It’s a shame the range is only 62 miles. Isn’t that around the quoted range for the Twizy? And this thing is apparently launching 9 years after the Twizy!

(Andy Kirby) #7

Agree, I guess as a city car it wouldnt need a lot of range, especially in London! It can take an hour to go just 5 miles :sweat_smile:

Seriously though if they are getting 60 miles out of a removable battery then it could be interesting technology since the twizy battery weighs 100kg.

(Paul Chapman) #8

The range is a real shame with modern technology available

(James Cook) #9

Exactly I’d have expected something like this to be doing 80-100 miles per charge by now

(Mark Espie) #10

Is it worth ditching buying the Twizy and waiting till 2021 ?

(Paul Chapman) #11

I would say nope