SERV light blinked

Hello! Just started driving my Twizy this season after winter-storage. Now when I drive, sometimes the SERV light blinks: it comes on for just a second then turns off. Anyone know what might be the problem?

The 12V battery voltage is dropping and it then gets recharged from the traction battery. The Serv light will flash but if it doesn’t recover the power will also be reduced.and you crawl along until the 12V battery voltage has recovered.

Did you keep the 12V charged over winter, if not time for a new 12V battery.

Thanks osbrook! Hmm. I didn’t notice any reduction in power, the SERV light just flashed once for like 0.5-1s and then disappeared - would that still be related to low voltage of the 12v battery?

I think the battery is due for a change anyways but I’ve read elsewhere that changing the 12v battery can result in the SERV-light being constantly on, meaning I’d (probably) have to take it to a workshop?

I swapped mine with no issues.

If the served light was only on for a second it didn’t have time to reduce the power.