Service Manual for Twizy

Does anyone know of a ‘Service Manual’ for the TWIZY?

Are you looking for a real technical manual or the “TWIZY Z.E.
DRIVER’S HANDBOOK”, which includes service sheets etc.?

The sheet that says just what must be done, and how to do it in annual servicing of the Twizy…

Hello, yes i need manual, can you share with me ?

I have bought the service manual somewhere online, can’t remember where I found it (think it was ebay), Do know that I paid about € 50,- (can share, but hope to get a few bucks back…)
(btw, there are about 1850 pages…)

I found the manual online:
It’s not for free, you have to pay about €20 for it.

I found the manual online:
It’s not for free, you have to pay about €20 for it.

It’s 23€, and I sent you a better offer :coffee:

Thank you, but I bought it already.
(payed €18,39 because they sent me a discount code while I was browsing)

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I have considered purchasing this manual, can you recommend it? I hesitated because the one reviewer on the site only gave it a 3 star rating. Thank you in advance.

i have the service and repair manual PM me.

Hi Andrew,
There is a lot of information in it.
However, there are also a lot of missing pictures and a lot of unusable links…

Hi Leo
Many thanks for the info.

Can you help me with the workshop manual of the Twizy? Thanks!

E manuals sell one. They have 3 different versions.
A pdf which is brilliant for searching, and small size.
Ben they have a massive 10gb version that uses a windows emulator to make the actual Renault manufacture parts and service guide. Not as user friendly generally but some things are easier to find.
Either way, if you buy the manual and email them they will give you a virtual machine windows emulator key code and all versions of the manual.
I can highly recommend them.
I initially hesitated due to a couple of reviews, but in this world no one actually gives anything other than 1* or 5* and the service I received ever was 5*.

I can help with the manual, if you PM me your e-mail address. The zip file is 41.6mb

Thanks! Is helping me a lot…

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hello, i would love you to send me this file. so I give you my email: [email protected]. thank you in advance.