Show us your Tesla!



Thought I’d create a similar topic to this one but for Teslas!

Treat this as a :frame_photo: photo gallery for all the Teslas on the forum.

Unfortunately I don’t have one to kick this off, so someone else please take it away!

My Model X is on its way
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James, don’t you drive a Tesla MS?


Unfortunately not. Not sure where you got that from! :blush:

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Don’t know why but I got the idea that a certain James Cooke of YouTube fame about electric cars is you. Sorry :blush::blush:


Haha nope. That’s the other James Cooke. I’m James Cook (without the e)

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I should have known better. You are far better looking !!!:smile::smile:

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The maiden trip of our new MS 100D from The Netherlands to Denmark. Here on a SuC in Slagelse, Seeland.