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Hi from the cold north of Norway. 2 years ago I discovered the Twizy. Fun 7 kilometer daily comute to and from work in all weather conditions, Great fun in the snow to!

(pisoiu) #385

Hi from Romania. Santa brought me this beauty :slight_smile: . Brand new and battery is mine :wink: .

(Chris) #386

Where did you get the green underfloor LED?
I’m picking my twizy up from being wrapped in tron type fluorescent green lines and that would look cool under the car.

(Chris) #387

Just had the twizy wrapped.


Just buy some cheap 12V Led and connect via switch and fuse to your 12V battery. Mine where from a set with a 220 to 12V adapter included. I just cut the wires and just used the plug.They last about one season under there, but it gets you noticed :wink: Mine can change colors and flash, but i have it set to just green. Looks really good on white snow:)



(Kuki Bajker) #390

Have new pic with beautifull scenery from the pilgrimage point on the nearby mountain. I’m not religious, but it’s a nice point to shoot great pictures

(Andrew J Bell) #391

Finally I have taken the plunge! Being delivered next Tuesday . First job is to ditch the windows before they do any more damage.

(askho) #392

Well done !! Ditch the windows, right move. You don’t need them.
Enjoy. Good weather is coming soon.

(Luis Jaramillo) #393


(Andrew J Bell) #394

Thank you Luis and everyone else for your good wishes.

(Andy Kirby) #395

Looks good, I like that number plate size, much better than the conventional type. Definately lose the windows and get twyrain ones and get a Powerbox :grin:

(Andrew J Bell) #396

First posed picture of my Twizy which arrived safely today thanks to Paul from VETRANS (Very highly recommended) I removed the windows immediately before I had even driven it, as recommended by many on here!

(osbrook) #397

Better without the Window. If it wasn’t for those wheels it looks just like mine!

Enjoy it now the weather is improving.

(Andrew J Bell) #398

Thanks osbrook, yes the weather has been superb for maiden voyage to Sainsbury’s!!

(askho) #399

Looks good !! Enjoy :grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning:

(Sebastian Krigholm) #400

Anyone who becomes the owner of one of these?

(Peter) #401

After a few weeks of searching I finally found a Twizy that met my requirements.

Technic, with doors, white seat and dash, white bodywork and 2015 (post charger upgrade and Powerbox compatible). It also has the added benefit of the Parrot system, which is pretty good, and windows.

So far I’ve spent lots of time cleaning plus sorted some minor issues. Due to poor weather I’ve only been for a short drive but was surprised how nippy it is and how easily it cruises at 50mph.


(Bas) #402

After some blogposts on this forum and many considerations, I bought a new Twizy last year. Time flies as she’s 6 months old already but still enjoying every second of it.