Show us your Twizy!


(Wayne Parslow) #369

How did you do the black plastic panels and the seats?

(Luca) #370

I took into the shop
They spent a lot of time with the sandpaper and smoot all the surface inside and outside

(osbrook) #371

That explains it and matches what I said. The wrap requires a smooth surface.

(Wayne Parslow) #372

Did they all have to be removed from the car - and was it a wrap or painted?

(Luca) #373

All painted !

(Wayne Parslow) #374



We bought our Twizy early this summer and I’ve been enjoying it ever since.
Purchased it from a local car superstore who used it to get around their lot but they needed ‘something bigger’ so bought a golf cart! :joy::rofl::joy:
Unusually, and as it was owned by a large car dealership, THE BATTERY WAS BOUGHT OUTRIGHT … and now owned by me! (Rare as rocking horse s**t, eh?!)
Finally got the wrap finished yesterday!


(osbrook) #377

There is one like that near me.:grinning:


Hi. Here’s mine. Originally black, now carbon fibre wrapped apart from the rear. In the month or so that I have had it as well as the wrapping it has had replacement wheel trims, Renault rubber mats, a new nose cone as the old one was stone chipped and a replacement Parrot Bluetooth remote as the old one was cosmetically worn and temperamental. My new Twy-Rain windows are on the way from Italy. Loving it so much so far!

(Kai) #379

Here is mine…actually travelling through GB…it seems over here that most of the people have NEVER seen a Twizy before!?

Greetings from Loch Lomond

(Richard) #380

I am in Perth, Scotland and I have a Twizy, Drop me a note if you are passing this way and fancy a coffee.

(Kai) #381

Thanks for the invitation, but i am already further south by now…

(osbrook) #382

My Black and Blue Twizy is also just back from going on Holiday.

I’m in the Peak District now. Welcome to pop in for a drink and a Charge.


New photo by James Grover


Hi from the cold north of Norway. 2 years ago I discovered the Twizy. Fun 7 kilometer daily comute to and from work in all weather conditions, Great fun in the snow to!

(pisoiu) #385

Hi from Romania. Santa brought me this beauty :slight_smile: . Brand new and battery is mine :wink: .

(Chris) #386

Where did you get the green underfloor LED?
I’m picking my twizy up from being wrapped in tron type fluorescent green lines and that would look cool under the car.

(Chris) #387

Just had the twizy wrapped.


Just buy some cheap 12V Led and connect via switch and fuse to your 12V battery. Mine where from a set with a 220 to 12V adapter included. I just cut the wires and just used the plug.They last about one season under there, but it gets you noticed :wink: Mine can change colors and flash, but i have it set to just green. Looks really good on white snow:)