Show us your Twizy!


(Dimitar Atanasov) #438

Twizy in Bulgaria. ! elektro_150518_1-730x487|690x460

Renault Twizy 100Ah LiFePo home made battery!!!

(Badger) #439

I think the flex level is maxed out, what even is a Lamborghini. But seriously, where did you get these rims?!

(Badger) #440

(Roel) #441

@Dimitar: You are a genius! That is the real Twizy spirit. No fear, no boundaries. Success with your TWIZY reincarnation!

(Jane M) #442

As I bought her

(Jane M) #443

In a previous life

(Jane M) #444

Now with new plates


Hi this is my twizy!


I love your headlights!! Can you give me some info? Where can I buy them?

(Badger) #447

Check this out


Your photos are so professional they almost look like renderings! Amazing.
I considered buying those bluetooth RGB ones when I bought mine… but also thought it might be a bit gimmicky.
Is there a setting to just keep them white?

(Frank) #450

Well, I had to show you mine actually towing a trailer.
I’ve had it for a bit less than a year and I love it.

(osbrook) #451

The trailer looks great, but the first image is a little concerning.
It’s not legal though it? Certainly not in the UK

(Frank) #452

Indeed, the first image was when I forgot to put the handbrake on… That was an interesting experience… :wink:

For the legality of it, as long as you don’t run without lights on the trailer, with a good enough hitch and without towing 1 tonne, the police are cool with it.

(Teemu Suikki) #453

Here’s our Twizy 45 and my kid who does most of the driving. :slight_smile:

Fitted with studded tires, Korean windows, seat heater and extra 130W cabin heater, it’s warm enough to survive Finnish winter. :slight_smile:

(Jeff) #454

I love the idea of the trailer, but wonder why it’s not legal in the UK? Is it due to kerb weights?


Hi, thats cool another arctic driver :slight_smile: . What brand and dimension studded tires did you get? Last I checked we couldnt find any that would clear the fenders.

(pisoiu) #456

Hi Zuikkis,

Can you tell me what cabin heater do you use? Thank you.

(osbrook) #457

It’s more that unless the manufacturer states it can tow and provides weights etc. it simply isn’t allowed. Also you need Type approve Tow bars which are not available.

It doesn’t mean you cannot tow with a Twizy just not legally on the UK roads.

(Teemu Suikki) #458

@Espen, they are Hankook 145/80R13, can’t remember the exact model but I can check. Front fenders needed to be modified a bit… I made a small extension bracket so fender sits slightly higher.

@pisoiu, heater is from Biltema, link to Finnish shop: Biltema link

It needs 16A fuse which means it’s too much for the cigarette lighter. I used “fuse tap” to get the power directly from fuse box…