Show us your Twizy!


(Kuki Bajker) #365

Renault - Samsung Korea…

(Pål Andor Østvold) #366

My 2018 Twizy (got it from dealer NEW yesterday)

The flags on the wall is because 17 May is Norway`s Independence day :slight_smile:

(Luis Jaramillo) #367

Got my new Twizy 2 month ago and love it! Just too hot to be driving it now (40c+). Anyways, I’m located in Korea.

(Sebastian Krigholm) #368

It’s mine!

(Wayne Parslow) #369

How did you do the black plastic panels and the seats?

(Luca) #370

I took into the shop
They spent a lot of time with the sandpaper and smoot all the surface inside and outside

(osbrook) #371

That explains it and matches what I said. The wrap requires a smooth surface.

(Wayne Parslow) #372

Did they all have to be removed from the car - and was it a wrap or painted?

(Luca) #373

All painted !

(Wayne Parslow) #374



We bought our Twizy early this summer and I’ve been enjoying it ever since.
Purchased it from a local car superstore who used it to get around their lot but they needed ‘something bigger’ so bought a golf cart! :joy::rofl::joy:
Unusually, and as it was owned by a large car dealership, THE BATTERY WAS BOUGHT OUTRIGHT … and now owned by me! (Rare as rocking horse s**t, eh?!)
Finally got the wrap finished yesterday!


(osbrook) #377

There is one like that near me.:grinning:


Hi. Here’s mine. Originally black, now carbon fibre wrapped apart from the rear. In the month or so that I have had it as well as the wrapping it has had replacement wheel trims, Renault rubber mats, a new nose cone as the old one was stone chipped and a replacement Parrot Bluetooth remote as the old one was cosmetically worn and temperamental. My new Twy-Rain windows are on the way from Italy. Loving it so much so far!

(Kai) #379

Here is mine…actually travelling through GB…it seems over here that most of the people have NEVER seen a Twizy before!?

Greetings from Loch Lomond

(Richard) #380

I am in Perth, Scotland and I have a Twizy, Drop me a note if you are passing this way and fancy a coffee.

(Kai) #381

Thanks for the invitation, but i am already further south by now…

(osbrook) #382

My Black and Blue Twizy is also just back from going on Holiday.

I’m in the Peak District now. Welcome to pop in for a drink and a Charge.


New photo by James Grover


Hi from the cold north of Norway. 2 years ago I discovered the Twizy. Fun 7 kilometer daily comute to and from work in all weather conditions, Great fun in the snow to!