Show us your Twizy!


(Andrew J Bell) #405

Mystery solved, I think. They now have a 2012 Colour listed so I believe it is a mix-up with the listing (and photots) it appears. Not such a good deal as mine, no Parrot, no alloys, no reverse bleepers, a year older, twice the mileage and most importantly £500 more than I paid!!

(Luis Jaramillo) #406

The windows look great. :sunglasses:

(Luis Jaramillo) #407

Best way to carry your groceries around and still have room inside for your wife. Love having a roof rack.

(Luis Jaramillo) #408

Hi Pete, where did you get those mirrors and how did you mount them?



Hi Luis,

Thanks for your DM. I got the mirrors on EBay. Here are similar ones:

Carbon look wing mirrors

And here are some cheaper Matt black ones:

Matt black wing mirrors

Of course there are more expensive genuine carbon fibre ones at about £100.

The most difficult part of fitting is the removal of the original mirrors. I snapped some of the plastic retaining clips when prising off the cover to gain access to the screws. So be careful.

You should drill the holes in the replacement mirror fixing plate at 1mm larger. This will allow them to line up with the screw holes in the door frame. See picture below (sorry about the quality):

Thereafter, I fashioned a black flip flop with a craft knife to bung up the hole.

I hope that the above helps. But let me know if you need more information.


(Luis Jaramillo) #410

Thanks for the info Pete.

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(Sari Kukkeenmäki) #412

Nice car. here is my before and after taping



(Albertosedits) #413

where are the wheels rims from ?


Twizy hiding behind the undergrowth

(Albertosedits) #415

where did you buy the floor mats? and whats the price?

(Luka Djuraskovic) #416

Hi custom made,i think 35 euros

(Keith) #417

Well I have now finished the improvements to my Twizy, new wheels, 15 inch team dynamics pro race, Race steering wheel, powerbox, new wheel arches home made, and smart car seat conversion. in all it is still so much fun to drive and now corners like a dream and the seat is comfortable.

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(Toby) #418

I like the seat conversion, was it just a simple job of bolting it to the runners?

(Toby) #419

What boss fitment did you buy for the steering wheel and how did you delete the airbag?

(osbrook) #420

I love the seat but would worry too much - a) only one seat belt is not standard and affect the insurance, b) it getting wet (I don’t use windows) c) with the new bolt position damaging the battery casing and Renault using as an excuse not to replace if required.

But that is just me.


Those smart car seats are incredibly heavy as the rear shell is an impact structure for if you get rear ended in a smartcar.
Comfy things though, the roadster ones moreso.

(Toby) #422

I was thinking of a Tillet 3.9 kilo seat, not the smart one but the seat belt issue did worry me…although as long as mods are noted I think you would be ok.

(Toby) #423

I will make the badges black and probably go for 13 inch split rim light alloys.

(Håkan Lidell) #424


Got my 2018 twizy technic today with 101km on the dial.
Bone stock at the moment but times of change will come, NO battery lease