Show us your Twizy!


(Mark Espie) #425

Good afternoon, is the wrap expensive?


(Toby) #426


My wrap was £1000. It was quite an expensive and high quality material though so they can be done cheaper

(Luis Jaramillo) #427

Congrats on your new Twizy!

(Håkan Lidell) #428

Thank you!

Really liking it so far.

(Keith) #429

Hi Toby

I run with the light on and for the MOT I will put the original back on. The mount was a Renault Laguna I have one here. If you visit Devon, Plymouth come and have a look, I will be working near Birmingham soon.

the seat conversion was quite easy although I did have to make some brackets to mount the Smart car base onto then fit the seat.



(Keith) #430

Hi Osbrook

No battery issues for me as it is mine and it is my understanding that the other belt is for the Twizy without the doors anyway thats what I reckon and with the doors holding me in the vehicle that what the shoulder strap was for.


(Keith) #431

Hi Guys

I did this as a mat for the car, I have also done a black one and a child play mat one.

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(Toby) #432

Funky idea!

(Hugo Tomas) #433


I Never put here photos of my twizy… here they are.

(Toby) #434

Nice colour combination

(osbrook) #435

Twizy on Wales again.

(osbrook) #436

Saw this one in Abersoch near to mine.

A 2019 one no less.

(Kuki Bajker) #437

The number is getting higher later and you can even have an oportunity sometimes to see more of them in the same 4. dimension :grin: #placetime

(Dimitar Atanasov) #438

Twizy in Bulgaria. ! elektro_150518_1-730x487|690x460

Renault Twizy 100Ah LiFePo home made battery!!!

(Badger) #439

I think the flex level is maxed out, what even is a Lamborghini. But seriously, where did you get these rims?!

(Badger) #440

(Roel) #441

@Dimitar: You are a genius! That is the real Twizy spirit. No fear, no boundaries. Success with your TWIZY reincarnation!

(Jane M) #442

As I bought her

(Jane M) #443

In a previous life

(Jane M) #444

Now with new plates