Smart charging not working

I am disappointed that I cannot get the SMART for two to charge overnight on a cheaper rate. I have the app but it is slow to connect to the car and never starts charging without my intervention. Two Mercedes garages have failed to solve the problem and contact with Mercedes in Germany has given me the ‘brush off’
Otherwise, the car is great fun to drive!

I’m unfortunately unable to use the app because of the country I now live in. To initially get around this and use off-peak electricity I used a 230VAC relay on a timer with the car plugged in permanently. This goes against the user manual (which says the charger should be plugged into the wall socket first, then the car) but it worked most of the time. However, there were one or two mornings when it hadn’t charged the car overnight for whatever reason, so I stopped doing it. Now I just start the charge late in the evening so that most of the charging is done on off-peak electricity.

The actual ‘smart’ option within the car’s dashboard menu requires that your charging station can give on and off-peak information to the car - but I’ve not yet come across a charging station that can offer that information.

The other option is to buy a charging station which has its own built-in timer.