Smart EQ First Impressions


(James Cook) #1

Picked up my Smart EQ fortwo today.

First impressions are that it’s a really great car for the money. I will post better photos and a small review in the coming days.


Yes! This is the thread I’ve been waiting for. Can’t wait to hear what you think, I’m very close to pulling the trigger myself on one of these so keep us up to date :grinning:

(plugin) #3

Looking forward to hearing how you’ve got on with the Smart - especially the range!

(James Cook) #4

Yep! I’m purposefully giving myself a week with it before posting here. Will post my thoughts in a couple day.


Let’s see how long it stays that nice and clean, James. :slight_smile: One positive thing about the Smart is that it’s much quicker to wash than a Zoe!

If anyone’s interested, I’ve been logging my average monthly range here since I got my EQ ForTwo in July: And I make short monthly reports here:

So far my range has dropped by about 20% since the summer and I’m expecting it to drop to around 35% at the peak of the winter. In fairness, though, I’m driving 77 miles/115Km a day. So it’s not exactly being used as a ‘town’ car.

(James Cook) #6

Hi @Stuart!

Great to see another Smart owner on the forum. Quick question, did you order the black wheels on your Smart or did it just come like that?

I never received any options for the wheels I wanted, and on the website it doesn’t allow you to configure the wheels.


They’re actually Dezent TS wheels (!wheel=dezent-ts). I wanted the TS Dark model but the factory had apparently ran out of stock. I couldn’t wait until they’d made a new batch so I just bought the stanard TS silver model and had them powder coated black. Because I need to also use winter tyres I bought these as a second set of wheels and use the original Smart wheels with winter tyres.

The TS range are actually the exact same size as the standard 15" Smart wheels. I was told they’re actually the only company who make wheels at the exact same size as Smart. If you watch the Smart EQ ForTwo Cup videos you’ll see the TS model being used by most of those cars.

When I ordered the car I had the option to get several different types of wheels (15" and 16") but decided not to go with them as I would have also had to buy the ‘sports pack’ at the same time. …which as far as I could tell was just a few extra go faster stripes, aluminium pedals and then the extra cost of 16" wheels and tyres. It wasn’t possible to order 16" wheels separately for some strange reason.

(James Cook) #8

You had the option of a sports pack?! I probably would have gone for that if I’d been offered it, but it’s either not an option anymore or it’s a secret option. It’s not on the website nor did my dealer mention it to me.

Anyway, those wheels look nice, could be tempted to get a black set to match the rest of the car.


I think the sports pack thing was a leftover from when the car was still branded as Smart Electric Drive. As I mentioned somewhere else on the forum, I ordered my car (in January 2018) before the whole EQ rebranding so technically I’d ordered an Electric Drive model but was very please to get a car with the new EQ badging on it. :slight_smile: It took roughly six months from order to delivery with my car. That’s why I was caught in the middle of the rebrand.

(James Cook) #10

Ah that makes sense. You could have had a very unique car if you’d combined the old options with the new branding!


Interesting about the lead times, @James your car only took a couple of months to arrive? Was yours already in the system?

(James Cook) #12

Yeah my car was already at the factory when I ordered it. He found one with the spec I wanted. It still felt like I long enough wait though! Still haven’t forgotten about posting a decent review, just haven’t had much time this week. Will get to it hopefully sometime this weekend!


Hi James, I am Smart EQ owner too. Ordered in Feb 2018, got it in July 2018, very happy.

Do you use Smart EQ App? It has recently changed from Website version to proper App, which is fine but since then it’s down & recover several times, then now Pre Climate control doesn’t seem to work (either connected or disconnected).

Is yours working OK (= just mine) or do you have problem too (= App problem).

Many thanks for any information :frowning:



Would be great to see how you’re getting on with it James :wink:

(m1n1s) #15

Hey Marmite,

How is the app? I tried to get my local smart dealer to hook me up but after three months they are not interested or helpful to get it working for me?


Hi there

My dealer arranged somebody to send me the link to have app (then only via website) and it worked OK though some feature are not relevant to UK. In early Dec web version stopped working and some app introducing screen appeared, and I logged in no problem. It looks better but as I mentioned, Pre climate function hasn’t been working just before the switching to app version. I have emailed to several contacts but nobody interested so far.

In order to use app you do need to push your dealer to contact somebody to set up the link between your email address and car reg.

I just hope pre climate function will start working soon, this is the time when I need it in the morning!!!

Hope your dealer will do something about it soon for you.

Kind Regards

(James Cook) #17

I initially did have an issue with the app not working, but this seemed to fix itself after a few days. My pre climate control works through the app, I turned it on when I was sitting inside the car to check this.

However, I have had issues with the radio and sat nav system. Basically, the signal is just terrible. The car icon on the sat nav is also not in the correct position, it seems to lag behind my actual position. This makes the sat nav useless when you’re in a major city with lots of turns, as you can never figure out where you are on the map. As for the radio, it constantly cuts in and out. I’ve just made sure I use Spotify through my phone and my phone’s sat nav for now, but not great for a brand new car.

I’m going to get in touch with my dealer after Christmas about this as I’m sure there must be a fault somewhere. Has anyone else noticed these issues?


Hi James
Thank you for the reply, ok so it’s my app - car problem then. Dealer seems take it as app problem and just keep telling me to contact app technicial help directly and they do respond but veeeerrrryy slowly and intermittently. I will try again after Xmas.

One more question though, does your EQ have winter package ie heated seat and wheel, if so Pre climate control activate those as well? Mine has and had been activated with original web app few times then it never happened again. I’m sure my dealer mentioned it whilst sales talk!

As for my Sat Nav, it is working fine, I’m always current position. Previous smart sat nav only took 4 digit post code which was a pain for 6 digits UK post code, but it’s now takes 6 so no prob there. I still wish there is one push easy cancel navigation button though.

Hope your Sat Nav problem will be sorted out in the New year for great start!

Merry Xmas

(James Cook) #19

No the pre conditioning just turned on the fan heater, not the heated steering wheel or seats (yes I have the winter pack).

Does your radio signal stay constant as well or does it cut out from time to time?


I usually listen my old Ipod via USB, but from time to time switch to DAB radio and have never had problem. My precious normal Smart didn’t have DAV but it was fine too, though again I didn’t listen it frequently.