Smart EQ First Impressions



Saw my first gen 2 Smart For Two here. Looked fab!


Just thought to put this document here - the 3rd paragraph mentions heated seat/wheel automatically activated etc. I guess it’s old version & information of which my dealer was relied upon early 2018, and this feature was dropped somewhere on the line.


Ahh, that’s talking about scheduled pre entry climate control. I used the manual pre entry climate control and assumed they’d be the same. Maybe not.

The reason I haven’t used scheduled is because it’s a real faff to set up. Rather than being able to set a time and activate that departure time in one go, the app makes you change the departure time first and then activate it. This is fine for most apps, but this takes a while because you have to wait for a response from the car for both steps. It also saves these times so you have to change them every time (assuming you’re not leaving at the same time every day).


Hmmm - but whilst the 2nd para is talking about scheduled connected pre control (and clearly says depends on the difference from outside temp heated seat/wheel activated), the 3rd para is talking about spontaneous manual pre entry climate control, then at the end it also mention about heated seat/wheel. They don’t specify what is the criteria that app decide to activate, perhaps in Germany unless it’s minus 10 they think they don’t need it!??

The recent update of App made two timings to set (web version was only one I seem to remember?), so I was going to use one usual morning timing & other for slight later time depends on the day of the week. If I know it will be freezing tomorrow morning, I connect the cord, leave it and use the App … that was my plan.

I just wish what are the supposed to be outcome - at the moment all I want is either pre control to work again :frowning_face:

Let’s hope the better Smart EQ year of 2019!! They should, since all Smart car will be EQ in the future…!



Just closing my post above, at long last Mercedes app support team in Germany reboot the connection, I delete the app, drove around 2-3 miles, come home, re-install the app, and all is good now. All in all it took 2 months. The person on the other side of chat is very helpful, but it took long time for the actual tech team to act.


FYI: I only have the option to pre-heat using the in-car menu. This activates the heater, heated seats and heated steering wheel for me. I’ve noticed that I need to arrive on time in order to not let the car start to cool down, though. It seems to stop at the time which you set in the pre-heat menu, not when you open the car door (which makes sense).

No EQ Control app in Finland - and probably never will be! :rage: Daimler have also now removed the old Smart Connect app from the App Store and Google Play, but I still have it on my phone.

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Great topic guys…
I just bought an EQ too. I’m really surprised at what a good car it is.
Anyone here has experience with fast charging?
The fastest I am managing to charge is at 7KW (Shown on Dash Display while charging)
Has anyone seen charging at a faster rate? i.e. a bigger number than 7KW on the dash display?


I’ve charged at 22kw on Ecotricity at service stations. Did you upgrade to the 22kw charger?