Solar Inverter

Any Twizy owners charging the car using an inverter , off grid solar charger?

Can you recommend a capable inverter?

I have a 400w 12v system with 200ah battery setup and want to charge the twizy.

Unless you change the charge rate (needs a type two charger) and a program then your system has no chance. I assume you have 200ah of lead acid batteries of which you should only use 50% of with a max current draw of a few amps for 20 hours. Say you draw more and keeping it simple 10a x12v = 100w. So that will take a long time to charge the Twizy which usually draws 2000w. I have 2000w of panels and 8 * 110ah batteries and I don’t used that. I do try to charge Twizy when it is sunny and my house roof system of 4kw will output over 2000w for the Twizy. But that is not being off grid.

i was interested in what type/brand of inverter to use?

my battery setup is 1x200ah and 4x50ah , i was thinking half the storage capacity so i guess i’m on the right path.

topping up the battery must be possible , also the granny chargers for my i3 and smart ed are inteligent and might charge at a lower rate?

You need a Pure sine wave inverter. NOT a modified sine wave one. As for the make then they are all made the same in China and tend to have good and bad days.

If you look on yo tube you will see some else (was on here for a while) @andy_kirby used a battery to top his Twizy.

yes was hoping for a few words from andy_kirby on here i follow his channel, still can’t believe he still gets away with no wheel arches on his twizy :wink:

i’m not a hater , just an old school mini driver always pulled by the police for no wheel arches over multiple years :rofl: