Source London now paired with Source East

(James Cook) #1

See link:

Members from both Source districts can use all charge points now at no extra cost.

(system) #2

wow call me stupid but i didnt realise there was such thing as source east. Notice the 2 charging points in southend that are coming.

Maybe we could make the southend meet a reality

(system) #3

My et twiz getting a top up at lakeside shopping grays

(James Cook) #4

I was only using that charge point on Saturday! :slight_smile:

(system) #5

Which car park is that in?

(system) #6

It’s the ground floor blue car park where all the disabled parking is near debenhams, as you go in its on your right, just need a source London card

(ItMayJustWork) #7

Out of interest, how many of these charging points are there. I have this fear that you arrive to find all the bays full, no where to charge and out of juice. Also has anyone experienced such spaces either in car parks on on the road, being used by non electric vehicles parking in these locations ?

(James Cook) #8

The charge points at Lakeside are always empty. There’s only two but I’ve always been able to use them.

With regards to normal cars using electric spaces that does happen in my car park in London, however there 6 x 3 pin plug points and 6 x the type 2 points so I normally manage to get in.

It does frustrate me though. You’ve either got to be incredibly arrogant or incredibly stupid to park there in a normal car. There are clearly other electric cars plugged in and the charge points are very noticeable.

(system) #9

Is it worth joining the source London network from Southend?

(James Cook) #10

Probably. There are plans for charge points in Southend with Source East so you’ll be able to use them as well as all the points in London too

(system) #11

If you don’t need access today then it might be worth waiting until March to see what happens when the PiP funding ends… it’s possible that a single national scheme will emerge :slight_smile:

(James Cook) #12

Membership only costs £10 per year. Might as well become a member just in case you’re ever out and need to use one.