Sourcing Alternative Brake Pads and Discs

Hi @oilman

Regarding this, could you see if you could source Twizy compatible brake pads and discs? They are notoriously expensive from Renault dealerships, and it would be great if you could supply the forum members with much more affordable alternatives.


What year is your Twizy? I’m happy to looking this.


Good Morning James,

By any chance you have a part number from Renault that I can try and cross reference?


I actually don’t own a Twizy anymore, I just run the forum. However all Twizys are the same. There is only one model.

Can anyone help with this?

How come?

Yeah if we can any help as have little information on them.


Thought I would also add this on here, as a great brake supplier ! Now does the front pads as well as the rears. I can supply both at £25.50 + vat.
This is a considerable saving, as a month or two ago I purchased a set fro Renault, this is the eye watering cost £81.06 including vat :frowning:

If you’d like, why don’t you put together a nice post for the marketplace and I’ll pin it so that it stays at the top?

That way people are more likely to see that you can offer discounted brake pads.

where can i purchase these pads from?

@Lightly can supply you with the brake pads. I will most probably need some from him after my service later on this week.

Sorry for the delay in replying to you guys, I have been offline for a day or so.
I will check stock with the suppliers tomorrow, but I should be able to supply you all with pads pretty sharpish.
Will post back tomorrow.

Ok, just checked suppliers, and can get the pads within 24 hrs, the cost will be £67 for a full set of pads including the postage, guess you would recieve them on Monday next week if you confirm the order today…
I can be paid by paypal if that suits.
My email address is [email protected].
If you google my name, you will see who & where Iam , thanks .
Don’t forget to leave me a postal address :slight_smile:

Hi Lightly,

Nice website btw! I should be getting in touch early next week as I’m also looking to get a full set of replacement pads.
Would you know if there is a way to get replacement calipers and pistons, seals etc too? I think my brake issues stem from pads/pistons getting stuck in the calipers.


Thank you very much Lightly for the brake pads, now fitted by my trusted garage (see Twizy Owners Facebook page) for a fraction of the cost quoted by Renault. They wanted to charge £231.48 for the front and rear brake pads plus £108 labour. Twizy owners should be united in their stand against our dealerships!

How did you actually get the brake pads from Lightly? Thanks.

Yes indeed. Excellent service.

I thought @Lightly said he would post them out.

Thanks for the feedback, I don’t think piston seals will ever be available unless Renault do a kit.

I know @Lightly said he will post them. I just wonder what’s the best way to pay him (Paypal is OK for me) and how to leave him postal address.

Yes, I will post the pads to anyone who wants them, usually next day.
The cost of front & rear is £67 for both sets inc postage. You can paypal me at [email protected], or call me & I will take payment over the phone if that’s easier.
Just PM me you address , or leave it in the paypal message box.
Tel 01159328396