Stainless Brake Caliper Cylinders (limited release)


(Alex) #21

let me do a list.

Should be the same aprox. cost 0-4 euros more per set I suspect.


Please from now type FRONT and/or REAR.

(Iain Rowan) #22

I will have rear too Alex.

Front and rear for me please

(Chris Gwynne) #23

I will have a set of front and rear. Cheers

(Martin Lynch) #24

Me too booboo

(Kes) #25

Front and rear for me please

(George Jamieson) #26

Front and rear for me as well please

(Alexander) #27

Front and rear plz

(Lightly) #28

I would like a set for my Twizy please :+1:

(Alex) #29

Seems a rear set needs to be manufactured… Okay I’ll get at it then.

Note the first 10 front special offer quota has been met.
I’ll pull my rear calipers off and get those machined in to stainless copies tomorrow. So the price I hope will be announced by Tuesday.

(Martin Lynch) #30

Got a right little Biz going here Alex, good luck to you man!

(kEbV) #31

Hi Alex,

Awesome idea! Please can you put me down for a set of Front callipers. I know I missed the boat on the offer, can you confirm the cost please, shipping is to UK.

Also, do you have a photo / link of the callipers?


(Richard) #32

Please add rear to my request.

(Alex) #33

Will have photos and installation instructions hopefully by mid this week.

Actually, as you know very well from experience, a biz includes a profit. Selling at acquisition is more like a community support. The ones sold on eBay to strangers will pull in some “effort compensation”:wink:


I’ll have a set as well, thanks.

(Paul Chapman) #35

Late to the party but front and rear here please too

(Alex) #36

Guys, we have to forget about the rear set.

  • Firstly because its a job that needs skills and a special tool to remove.
  • secondly cause its not that much of a necesity. The rubber boot keeps it very tidy and clean.

You can thank me once you ever try to remove the rear calipers :wink:

So the orders will have to remain in the front set wich is a childs play to remove and install.
Good thing is that the brake pedal and calipers are within one person’s reach;)

(Alex) #37

Alright boyz!
Just received the pilot part.

I’ll install it into my Twizy, set the powerbox to stage three and go nuts on them, drifting, full braking from top speed, light braking at high speeds and constant power braking till the battery goes dry.

Then I’ll take en out and inspect them for leaks of other possible problems.

In will only wear it on one side so I can compare it to the stock piston on the other side in terms on pressure or less/ more friction and retraction when pedal is released.

In other words, I need your patience for another week until I am absolutely sure these are safe to use;)

Thank you for your understanding in advance.

(Alexander) #38

Take your time Alex. Better be safe than sorry.

(Alex) #39

THEY ARE INSTALLED;) perfect fit. Did a few tries. Looks good. What’s interesting is that when I step on the brake very hard I get a cracking noise from the stock brakes bit no sound from the stainless. Could be a coincidence…

(Iain Rowan) #40

Hope these are ok Alex, I need a solution to the irritating scraping noise…arggghhhhhh. lol.