Stainless Brake Caliper Cylinders (limited release)


(Peter Szczesiak) #41

Same here Alex let me know when next batch is up and running mine are always ssshhhhing crap


Thank you Alex. Beta testing in Greece - perfect!

(Paul Chapman) #43

Thanks for the testing and updates Alex

(Alex) #44

Yeah that’s right!!! Some appreciation for risking my life, so your breaks stop shhushing you bunch of big crybabies!! Hahahaha just kidding;)

Sorry could not proceed with testing today. A bit of rain kept the streets wet and it’s not helping my abrupt breaking I need to do.

Tomorrow should be good with some videos

(Iain Rowan) #45

I am praying Alex. The front brakes are slowly driving me insane :frowning:

(Alex) #46

Your prayers were a helping hand;)
First day was great. Although I had to cut it short cause it started to rain again.

I experienced absolutely no problems or differences between the two sides. NOTE that I had my stock cylinders cleaned a couple hundred kilometers back so they act like “new”.

I’ll prepare a video with the free rotation of the tyres on both sides for noise testing.

(Alex) #47

Again my Pistons looked like new

So I should get equal results on both sides. Tried to spin the wheel equally fast ( I know that is impossible to measure), but the stainless side spins for a second longer.

You still hear the pads but the microphone is right in there. From the drivers position you hear as much as nothing. Before refurbishing my pistons (when I first bought it) I sounded like I was scraping the road, hahaha)

Here is the video.

(Martin Lynch) #48

How did you highlight the outer edge of your wheels Alex? Looks good :slight_smile:

(Alex) #49

Not exactly the question I expected in this thread… Hehehe
Something like this

But mine is 3M
Go to a motorcycle accessories store and ask for a reflective rim tape

(Martin Lynch) #50

Looks good. I like the bright orange of yours though! Of course this will be no good for standard Twizy alloys.

(Alex) #51

Ofcourse it will!! It’s very hard to install!!!
Here in custom colors

(Iain Rowan) #52

Are we still supposed to here the scraping noise when your turning the wheel Alex? I thought the stainless cylinders stopped this? Or is this normal on any wheel?

(Martin Lynch) #53

I thought the standard one sounded better I have to say! You will always get a small amount of surface noise as the pads sit gently against the discs even without the brakes applied.

(Martin Lynch) #54

Hmmm I think that would be pretty impossible for that to apply - the kit one you showed me was specifically cut at a radius for 17" wheel which you have.

(Alex) #55

Okay, I see the video confused you, but better here than after you have installed it.

What you heard Martin was a portion of my disc that was uneven on the side of the stainless pistion installed. It has nothing to do with the piston its self.

[quote=“K22MDL, post:54, topic:1612”]
t at a radius for 17" wheel which you have.
[/quote] this means that you should have 4" leftover on each rim if applied correctly. These are not radius form cut. It’s a simple straight strip.

[quote=“Rowan83, post:52, topic:1612”]
Or is this normal on any wheel?
[/quote] yes it is normal.
What we are looking for at the video apart from a loud shhushing that you may have with yours, is the wheel would stop spinning abruptly due to the pressure the caliper maintains on your disc.

As you saw both sides turned freely and evenly. Turn your wheel on a car or motorcycle. If you put your ear as close as my phone was, you will hear that sound.

(Michael Nilsson) #56

Hello Alex, Have you made the full order of the first batch yet? If not, I would also like to have a pair!


(Alex) #57

No worries mate;) I’ll have 30 sets mate to cover any latecomers as I am aware that not everybody can view the forum that often;)
You’re set .

(Michael Nilsson) #58

Allright, thanks Alex I appreciate it! :slight_smile:

(Iain Rowan) #59

Thanks Alex. When can we buy? :slight_smile:

(Alex) #60

I’ll order the batch on Monday… It’s up to the machinery when they can deliver.