Stainless Brake Caliper Cylinders (limited release)


(Alex) #61


Since you guys will be dismantling the calipers, I have taken the liberty in creating rubber O Rings that you can exchange at bthe same time.

Those will be suplied in sets of 4 (2 per caliper).
Aprox price for those will be 15-20 GBP per Complete set.

(EricLafoy) #62

I know, I am a very very late comer but I have been on a trip round the moon. Left the Twizy for a week with the handbrake on, add rain and guess what… I want a set as well.


(Alex) #63

Eric. The rear pistons are a no go. Just fronts available.
Is your handbrake stuck?
All disc brakes make a noise when left out in the rain… Some surface rust which is no problem created some sandy noise.

(EricLafoy) #64


It’s a shame as all you could hear when I toke the Twizy to the local shops on that particular day is a load SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS… very embarrassing for a silent electric vehicle, I wish I was driving a Vauxhaul Corsa on that day. Very good advertising for Renault!

I drove on every pot hols on the street to try to release the pistons. It has been prefect ever since.

(Alex) #65

Sorry to hear that…
Those should be ready next week. Hope the same for the o rings…

(Iain Rowan) #66

Nice one Alex :slight_smile:

(Iain Rowan) #67

Any update Alex? :slight_smile:

(Alex) #68

Yup yup yup

Pistons are ready!!!
O rings are shipped express to me tomorrow from germany.

I’ll be preparing your bills for the first 10 sets…

(I am only getting 10 o rings this first shipment)

Anybody not wanting to replace their o rings can have the Pistons delivered plain.

I installed the “pilot” piston with the old o rings (7000 km on the clock) and they are fine.

More to come soon.

(Iain Rowan) #69

Sweet! :slight_smile:

What is the delivered price again Alex?

(Alex) #70

As soon as all parts are in, I’ll weight and calculate shipping;)


That’s good news. Do you still have 80kg struts available? Could you combine the pistons and struts in one shipment?

(Alex) #72

Yes Silas. That is doable;)

(Martin Lynch) #73

I’m in, (of course)!

(Alex) #74

O rings are in!

Orders are good to go out.
Only 10 sets good to go with o rings for now.

O ring set costs additional 17 euros.

i suggest o ring replacement mandatory only to those who:

  • have severe piston rust and friction has damaged the old ones

  • have high mileage on the clock

  • have leakage on their calipers.

Following up with members order list.

Please fill next to your name the word O RING or PLAIN PISTON to order accordingly


(Alex) #75


------------------- these 10 blokes are at 22 euros net price for the pistons plus 17 euros for the o rings (if they want a replacement) plus shipping 8 euros with tracking. (paypal friend payment. If seller guarantee wanted add 4%)

members list at 35 euros net pistons plus 17 euros o rings (if there are still a few available, else wait a few weeks for next batch) again plus shipping 8 euros with tracking. (paypal friend payment. If seller guarantee wanted add 4%)



Note we have our Orthodox easter this WE so from Friday till Tuesday the post office is closed.

(osbrook) #76

Pistons and O-rings please. Thanks again for sorting these out.

(Paul Chapman) #77

I will have both as well please

(George Jamieson) #78

I will have both as well

(Peter Szczesiak) #79

Just pistons for me its ony done 1500 miles


Like Peter mine is low mileage 3000 so just pistons please and could I also have a pair of 80 kg Power Struts. PM a total with shipping and I’ll PayPal.

Thanks for being part of the unofficial Twizy Development Team!