Stainless Brake Caliper Cylinders (limited release)


(Alex) #81

I’ll send you individually a pm with total. :wink:

(Iain Rowan) #82

Just pistons for me Alex, my Twizy has only done 900 miles.

(Chris Gwynne) #83

Both please, how do I arrange payment?

(Kes) #84

Hi Alex,
Pistons and o rings for me too. PM me your paypal when ready please. Thanks

(Alex) #85

Ill PM you all with exact shipping cost and paypal soon as I get all pistons in my hands tomorrow and weigh them.

Anyone able to complete payment by tomorrow, I’ll ship immediately same day. After friday, like I said it’s Easter WE here and they will be closed until tuesday.

(Alex) #86


geo.jamie ------- BOTH
Silas ------------ Just pistons
Kes -------------- BOTH
Rowan83 ------- Just pistons
Billybob75 ----- BOTH
osbrook ---------- BOTH

Cheekychappie ----- BOTH
peter_szczesiak — Just pistons

to the rest:
Feel free to fill in next to your name

(Lightly) #87

I would like both pls :+1:

(kEbV) #88

Hey Alex! Happy Easter, sorry for the late reply.
I would like both please! :slight_smile:


(Iain Rowan) #89

Where are you Alex? Lol

(Alex) #90

Right here mate!
We had a bank holiday up to today ( Easter weekend and 1st of May) so I couldn’t pick up the calipers.

Deed to be done early tomorrow;))

(Iain Rowan) #91

Cheers Alex :slight_smile:

(Alex) #92

Aaaand here we go!

You will all receive a PM with instructions!

I will also add an installation video in here.

(Alex) #93

Quick reminder,
You you go for regular PayPal payment please add 5% fees.

The mentioned prices in my PM are for PAYPAL FRIEND transfers only.

Thank you

(Alex) #94

here is the vid. hope is helps;)

(Iain Rowan) #95

Thanks Alex. Did you get my payment ok?

(Alex) #96

KebV won the lottery (sort of).
Kes dropped out of the list so the next person in line gets the discounted price;) yay KebV!!!
I’ll refund you the percentage :wink:

(kEbV) #97

Nice one!!! That will do splendidly! I’m glad I waited in the queue. :slight_smile:
I can’t remember the last time I won anything, although this one time, I did get upgraded on a flight with Air Malaysia… #YOFO
Anyway, thanks m8!

(Alex) #98

Flight upgrade is always a treat:))))

(Alex) #99

1: I am out of seals!!! But I still have 9 sets of pistons.
My dog ate (SERIOUSLY WHATS WRONG WITH MY DOG???) 2 sets of rubber seals. I will receive a few more in a couple of weeks.

2: due to more austerity measures imposed by the IMF on Greece ( our penssion is now 259€ per month from 750€ It was one year ago) the post office was on strike Friday and saturday which may lead to slight shipment arrival delays.

Watch what’s going on in Greece closely, cause we are the Guinea pig of what’s to follow on the rest of the EU…


Your dog has a Cavalier attitude!