Stainless Brake Caliper Cylinders (limited release)


(Alex) #101

Ha yeah… She also loves popping balloons and eating them. Funny how her poop then comes out packaged in different colors;)

(Peter Szczesiak) #102

Would you vote out of the EU if you were us Alex? I like the common market part but the rest is crass stupidity and wants removing fast before it destroy us all

(Alex) #103

Good question…,
I’ll help you find the answer :slight_smile:
A unified market is like big companies buying off smaller ones. Competition dies and monopoly rises.

That’s not what the EU promised us… The EU turns into a dangerous ground for the lower and middle class section.

Middle businesses die and black market rises with parasitic tendencies…

Watch closely what the eu imposes to greece

(EricLafoy) #104

Been French living in London since 1988, I will be watching the EU referendum with interest… My suitcase is ready just in case!

(Peter Szczesiak) #105

You are right Alex I have shared you thoughts with my friends on the boating forum, we are in agreement with your thoughts. I will be voting out as I have no belief in the workings of the EU, its to big and we are all different, far better a common market where we trade with each other but fingers crossed more people will vote to leave than stay which might sort out Greeces problems as well?

(Alex) #106

Thanx Peter.
Save your country before you end up a slave to the eu rules!

Greece is screwed. There is no easy way out. And that is mainly the Greeks fault. We had easy money and the debt reaches all the way into our households.
And that was the plan…
A wise leader once said, if you want to enslave and control a crowd, set them in debt.

Back to twizys:)

(Alex) #107

Btw guys.
Last seals set whent out today.

I only have pistons sets for now. anybody from the list not set yet?

(Martin Lynch) #108

For Brexit if it happens you mean Peter?

(Peter Szczesiak) #109

I do Martin To much fiddling was done to get a load of countries into the EU now it has come back and bit them on the bum!

(Alex) #110

I’d like a favour from all!
Can you please post an image of the condition the pistons and calipers are along with your clock mileage?

The one in you tube looked horrid!!

Also anyone who purchased seals, please keep the old ones in stock. A fellow owner may need them if they did not get a new set or even your self in the future.

(Alex) #111

In two weeks I’ll have more seals. For the remaining pistons


Pistons and struts arrived safely this morning. Many thanks Alex.

(Martin Lynch) #113

Ditto Alex - great service as always. As soon as they are installed I’ll email you. Thank you!

(Alex) #114

Cheers for the replys mates!
Don’t forget the before pistons photos!!


Hi Alex,

Do you have any more full sets of Pistons and O rings left? If so please let me know the total price and process?



(Alex) #116

Yes sir!!!
I am expecting a full set of o rings for all of my pistons this Friday.

(Peter Szczesiak) #117

Keep the dog on the lead Alex:innocent:

(Alex) #118

Not quite sure what that means but… I’ll try :wink:

(Peter Szczesiak) #119

DInt she eat the piston seals last time?

(Alex) #120

Ah my dog? Hahaha yes she did.

I thought there was a deeper meaning in your phrase:p