Stainless Brake Caliper Cylinders (limited release)


(Peter Szczesiak) #121

How are things going in Greece at the moment Alex? The loan is up for repayment soon isnt it?

(Alex) #122

peter… what do you think of a friend that reminds you when your loan is due? hahaahha

quite frankly the Greek public as a foot so far up their ass, they care less when the loan is due. Everyday is a fight for survival.

I am seriously considering relocating to any country. :frowning:

(Peter Szczesiak) #123

Sorry Alex because of Brexit we hear nothing negative about the EU on the news anymore! Its only because of my cousins in France that I know they have rioting in Paris, there seems to a total news blackout on bad stuff

(Alex) #124

you think?
Thr EU is fallng apart and the Brexit will be the final tug. But when you have a splinter ist best you pull it out fast so the healing can begin.

Get out UK!!

(Martin Lynch) #125

Alex gets my vote - AGAIN.

(Alex) #126

This is a call out for Sir Ashton Kirby.
Your cylinders were returned to me marked “addressee unknown” by Royal Mail
Please drop me a pm with your address cause I am not sure under which screen name you are in the forum. Cheers

(Alex) #127

O rings are in!!!

I now have another 5 complete sets.

Again calling Ashton Kirby. His parcel was returned to me. Please tell me what to do. Refund or resend

(steve) #128

Hi Alexakos need pistons to help a friend are they still available with O rings?

(Alex) #129

sorry for the late reply. I was in Sri Lanka for 5 days on a job.
Yes 4 more sets available.

(osbrook) #130

I have just had mine fitted by @Lightly, who made a good job of repairing all my brakes and fitting new pads all round. Several of mine had seized but it passed an MOT 7 days before!

The stainless steel ones are a very good fit and replacement and are 0.8mm deeper than the original ones that were fitted. I can recommend Mark Lightfoot for any Twizy work if you are local enough to get you Twizy to him. It wa
s nice to see another Twizy as we were both parked together at his workshop.

Thanks @Lightly and @ALEXAKOS

(Alex) #131

Congrats to both of you. An image of your two twizys in the workshop would be nice to have:)

(Paul Chapman) #132

Thanks for the update - where is @Lightly based? ta

(osbrook) #133

Mark Lightfoot Ltd – Your French Car Garage in Ilkeston

Address: 24 Rutland St, Ilkeston DE7 8DG
Phone:0115 932 8396
Hours: 8am–5:30pm

(Lightly) #134

Was a pleasure to see your Twizy on Saturday , makes a change from the usual cars, & rare to have two together.
Hope all is well :+1:

(Phil Gardner) #135

Hi Alex. I’m new to the world of the Twizy but even though my (new-to-me) car has only 3000 miles accumulated, the brakes are dragging already and I fear I am in need of a set of Pistons+O-Rings. Do you still have a set available for the front of my car please?

Many Thanks,

(Alex) #136

@R1NGA no problem. I PMed you.

@DutchTwizy there seems to be a delay from the Dutch postal service. You could simply contact he through here. No need to have opened an eBay claim. Thank you

(Alex) #137

Another 7 sets ha been ordered and ready to ship!

Any takers?

(Hans de Vos) #138

Hi Alex,

I’m new to this forum since I bought a Twizy last week. Not impressed by the brakes!!
I would like to service the brakes, so can you PM me the details (paypal etc.)?
Pistons and seals please.


(charbo) #139

Hi Alex, my front brakes have just gone from crappy to frightening, do you still have a set for sale (including the O-rings)?

(Alex) #140

Aye mate!
Not to worry. I got your back;)
Paypal me [email protected] and hand me your shipping address.
I’ll have a set asap your way.