Stainless Brake Caliper Cylinders (limited release)


(Leo R ) #141

Hi Alexakos, can you send me a set too?
Mine are replaced by Renault some time ago, but I suspect I need another replacement in a few months time.

(Alex) #142

Yes I can.
Please add your address to the PayPal payment.

(Leo R ) #143

package has arrived.
Thanks Alex!

(Alex) #144

Need help installing? See my you you’ve video


What’s the complete price including seals and delivery to the UK please?

(Alex) #146

Sorry mate!
Totally missed this pm:(
It’s 58 euros shipped
Paypal [email protected]


Payment sent, thanks :slight_smile:

(Alex) #148

Shipped cheers:)

(Paul Chapman) #149

So I forgot I had these in the garage!

Car was in for service & MOT today and asked Renault if they could fit them and they refused.

I take it a normal garage should be ok for doing this if following the video above @ALEXAKOS

(osbrook) #150

Yep or motor cycle shop. @Lightly fitted mine.

(jimi) #151

i see i’m a bit late to the party here … Alex, are these still available? and for those of you purchased them…any review or commentary?

(Alex) #152

Hi Jimi
Yes I still have a set for you

(osbrook) #153

Not so sure they made a huge difference in the UK. Too wet and too much salt. However I have now been running for about 8 months and not had to clean the front brakes. So perhaps they do work.

They will still corrode but not nearly as much. I’m glad I got them.

(S.C Glerum) #154

Hi Alexakos.

I’m also interested in a set front and back. Can you give me a price when you send them to the Netherlands.


(Alex) #155

56€ inkl Versand

(S.C Glerum) #156

Oke can you send me more information. I want them please.

(Normsthename) #157

Do you still have any sets left?
I am having trouble with a sticking piston and If I’ve got to service the piston I might as well replace it.
Could you let me know the costs involved if you still have any stock



(Alex) #158

Yup still have a few :wink:
I’ll pm you

(Thomas Villadsen) #159

Hi Alex,
Are you selling for both front and rear brakes? If you have for the rear I could use a set. Please PM me with details. Thanks¨Thomas V from Denmark

(Kuki Bajker) #160

Why everybody sels only front calipers, but problems are mostly with rear brakes? :confused: