Sun visors

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Can anyone tell me whether you can get sun visors for twizzys please

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All I found was this.

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Would be easy enough to get something to fit with a bit of time at the breakers or on ebay;

or modify something like this:

or this:

I find the wiper does not clear high up the screen enough being the problem, not being blinded though.

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I had a look at the options of fitting something from a salvage vehicle and found that there are quite a few van sunvisors that would possibly fit as they have two screw fittings-one each end, but the best and neatest solution seems to be the driver’s side (has ticket flap, the nearside one sometimes has a huge airbag warning sticker and a mirror on it) Ford Streetka visor which is dark grey/black and has two simple screw holes in the centre that with a bit of skill could be used to screw (or bolt it if removed first) to the header rail. Some examples:


Pretty sure they would fit ok with a bit of trial and error.
I find I sit tall in the Twizy and have no problem with the sun, but have to look through the unwiped area above the wiper and can’t see traffic lights!](“")]("”)

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Thank you for your help will explore these options. May be Renault need to consider?