Tazzari Zero


Hi guys, just wondering if anyone knows much about the Tazzari Zero? Can’t find a whole lot online but saw a picture of one and wondered if they are any good.

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Never heard of them, they’ve got a website that looks promising. The little car looks the business too, warranty on the battery is a tad short (2 years)

My heart sank when I thought it was LHD only, you can add the RHD option at the factory though for €800 which is pretty cool.

Never seen one in the UK and doubt there’s any dealer network so the support is going to be very low / non existent.

Still, a very interesting little car.


Been around for a while although I don’t think they were ever released in the UK. Don’t know a whole bunch else about them though, sorry!


Thanks guys. I see it ha been around for a while which is why I’m surprised there is so little information and/or reviews.



I used to see one of these on a regular basis air side when I was traveling through Schipol airport. They must have had it on trial as it has not been there for a while now, but they look really good in the flesh. If they were a lot cheaper it could be a serious contender to the Twizy…


Especially as it is more ‘car’ like with HVAC, windows etc.

As with everything electric it seems that the price point is just too high.

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Not only the car but also a bran new battery pack is 5000euro! :scream: