Today I


(Peter) #1

I’ve seen on other forums long running threads about what people have done to / with their vehicles and thought it would be great to do the same here.

So, whether it’s a modification, a repair, a journey or just a good clean, lets see pictures of and hear stories about your Twizy.


(Peter) #2

Polished my track rods.

(Peter) #3

Removed the front panel and found some very loose bolts on the brake pedal / accelerator unit!

Now correctly torqued.

(Peter) #4

Removed the rear panel and repaired a broken fixing.

(Peter) #5

Inspected the indicators for possible clear replacements and gave the original ones a polish.

(Peter) #6

Had a cat scan.

(Peter) #7

Removed, carefully dismantled, inspected, rebuilt and refitted my charger due to a 12v charging issue.

I hoped the two touching resistors might be the problem but unfortunately not.

Still unresolved…

(Peter) #8

Replaced my charger.

No fault lights now.


(Peter) #9

Had a play around with an idea for daytime running lights.

The plan was for them to come on with the ignition but turn both turn off when the headlights are on and individually turn off when indicating.

I’m not overly keen on the visible yellow ring though so having a rethink.