Today I


(Toby) #21

Thanks, I will look up his thread.

(Toby) #22

Today I replaced the 12v with a new one and added a Ctek battery sense Bluetooth monitor to see what is going on. It sends updates and alerts if the battery drops.

I stripped and cleaned all of the brakes and oiled the handbrake release. The wheels spin very freely now (obviously the diff drags the rear). Q:is the diff within the gearbox and there the oil changes with it? I forgot to look.

I also changed the brake fluid as it was pretty dark.

(Peter) #23

Had a nice drive out from Matlock, through Bakewell, Chatsworth, Matlock Bath, Cromford and back to Matlock.


~35 miles and made plenty of people smile.


(Peter) #24

Needed to use the heated screen for the first time and it works!

Photo taken by rear seat passenger.


(Peter) #25

I’m at Chesterfield Motor Fest.


(osbrook) #26

Mine left Chesterfield and went to Wales.

(Peter) #27

Just got home from Chesterfield Motor Fest, which was a great day with my Twizy getting lots of attention.


(Craig D'alton) #28

Created a

Twizy smartwatch face

(Håkan Lidell) #29

Installed led headlights

Replace entire headlight with LED Daymaker?

Hey!! Welcome to the LED headlight family :slight_smile:
How did you make the adapters in the end? It looks slightly different from the 3D file I posted.
Make sure to aim them pretty far downward!
Honestly, these are the headlights the Twizy was always meant to have!

(Håkan Lidell) #31

Well I don´t deserve any credit for inventing anything, I just bought a mounting kit from a guy on the World of Twizy owners facebook group and did the install myself.

(Toby) #32

They look great. What make are the actual light units?

(Toby) #33

Today I managed to get my remaining miles down to 1 as I got back to my house. I could have easily eaked out more as I was in high power mode and driving quickly.

(Håkan Lidell) #34

Thanks! I really like them.

I don´t know the make, I bought them from Ebay in Germany, but they are made in China.

(Andrew J Bell) #35

I can’t get the link to the light units to work. Are these the corredt fitting please?

(Håkan Lidell) #36

Looks the same, except for the 2 different colors for the drl, mine only has 1.

Here is a link for the fittings and in the comments you can find amazon and ebay links.

(Andrew J Bell) #37

Thank you!

(Toby) #38

I have just ordered the LED fitting kit from Stephano Martinelli - he is super helpful. I also ordered his very clever comfort kit for the anti roll bars (will post links) and then I ordered DRL LED headlights off ebay.

(Toby) #39

Link to the comfort kit:

(Hans ) #40

Before you buy this set, just remove the roll bars completely and take a test drive.
Chances are you never want to go back. Twizy is still safe to drive, much more comfort and you save 60 Euro’s. Removing the bars is only a little more work than mounting this kit, and easy to do for anyone with two hands