Today I


(Toby) #21

Thanks, I will look up his thread.

(Toby) #22

Today I replaced the 12v with a new one and added a Ctek battery sense Bluetooth monitor to see what is going on. It sends updates and alerts if the battery drops.

I stripped and cleaned all of the brakes and oiled the handbrake release. The wheels spin very freely now (obviously the diff drags the rear). Q:is the diff within the gearbox and there the oil changes with it? I forgot to look.

I also changed the brake fluid as it was pretty dark.

(Peter) #23

Had a nice drive out from Matlock, through Bakewell, Chatsworth, Matlock Bath, Cromford and back to Matlock.


~35 miles and made plenty of people smile.


(Peter) #24

Needed to use the heated screen for the first time and it works!

Photo taken by rear seat passenger.


(Peter) #25

I’m at Chesterfield Motor Fest.


(osbrook) #26

Mine left Chesterfield and went to Wales.

(Peter) #27

Just got home from Chesterfield Motor Fest, which was a great day with my Twizy getting lots of attention.