Twizy 2016 won't charge


(Colombia EV) #1

Hello, I have a 2016 twizy, yesterday tried to charge it, but just the fan quicks, but wont charge, after 20 sec it light up the SERV icon.

Does any one had the same issue?

(Peter) #2

I had several issues with my charger, which were resolved with a replacement, but not this one.

The Twizy has a four year warranty so I’d suggest taking it to Renault for them to repair.

My guess will be they’ll fit a new charger.

(Colombia EV) #3

Hello Peter, thanks for the advice! Yesterday I tooked to the dealership, I will call tomorrow to renault, but in Colombia all his EV are to new for the Dealers and they don’t have clue at the firts impression.

(Keith) #4

I had this issue. Plug it in to charge and it would light up correctly and after 12 to 20 seconds it would cut out. New charger solved it.

(Colombia EV) #5

hello Keith, yes was the charger US$434, it seems that the component broke evey two to 3 years.