TWIZY 3D printed keyring

(Kuki Bajker) #1

If anyone else has problems with file from Thinkverse, there is better, nicer, working version of that 3D .stl file

(Mike) #2

Why not make some and sell them?

(Kuki Bajker) #3

Repoman, now I do. It takes some time but now I have my own printer. If any one is interested I can send some. There is green, black, orange, yellow and white options for now. Later will add other colours too. PM me for more.

(m1n1s) #4

can you mod the file for a door bar delete :wink:

(Kuki Bajker) #5

I think I can. Will try at the evening and post a picture

(Kuki Bajker) #6

Is this OK? Now also available in red and blue

(m1n1s) #7

very cool , do you have the sti file

(Kuki Bajker) #8

Will be later… this year… on Thingiverse under the mine regular Twizy keyring as an option… I’m sick of those Thingiverse performance, login, download, upload,… issues in last days, weeks…

(m1n1s) #9

yep its been running badly slow for a while now , think no one is running the site

(Kuki Bajker) #10

For those who have the possibilities to print it by theirself…
Twizy keyring