Twizy charger 1st and 2nd generation

(Luka Djuraskovic) #1

Hi, can someone tell me by the photos (if its different) which is first and which is second generation charger? Thanks

(Luka Djuraskovic) #2

(Luka Djuraskovic) #3

(Hans de Vos) #4

How about the date codes?
The first one seems to be from week 29 2016, revision level 10 = second generation?
The second one is from week 44 2012 and is revision level 05 = first generation?

This also show that there have been more changes than just generation 1 to 2.



(Luka Djuraskovic) #5

Great, thanks for your help. I have both 2012 and 2016 for sale

(Alex) #6

What are the benefits of the Gen2 charger?

(Luka Djuraskovic) #7

Both are sold.

The socond generation is more durable as i have been told

(Peter) #8

These photos are most helpful.

Thank you.