Twizy for parts

(Luka Djuraskovic) #21

So , i have the complete suspensions of the vehicle ,springs ,discs, all the 4 wheels

4 steel wheels with winter tires(as new) and covers

All plastic interior

Most of the plastic exterior



Engine and gearbox

Switches - all

Air bag computer new

Airbag connector new

steering column


Seat cushins RED

I might have more but this is it more or less .

(Luka Djuraskovic) #22

(Luka Djuraskovic) #23

(Luka Djuraskovic) #24

Power struts original renault ised

New , power ones , 850nm/85kg for the doors

(Luka Djuraskovic) #25

(fabio) #26

Hey there, is that speaker part still for sale? and is there still a way to connect it to my phone, thanks

(Luka Djuraskovic) #27

What speaker part sorry?

(Aneta Sroka) #28

Hello. Do you have the right front fender?

(Luka Djuraskovic) #29

No sorry, all 4 sold

(Barry) #30

Hi Luka
Was the main battery easy to remove ?

(Luka Djuraskovic) #31

It was done bu Renault. But its an easy job ,max 10 min , 8bolts and 3 connectors and be carefull as its arround 100 kg. Must lift the car as it is tick and you cant take it under the car. Why would you remove the battery?

(Barry) #32

To change it for higher density longer range :wink:

(Luka Djuraskovic) #33

Great :slight_smile:

So its easy to remove.

(Roel) #34

Still available?

If so, I order a set

(Luka Djuraskovic) #35

Yes i have them . I can post in the morning just send me your full address with phone no.

(Roel) #36

I sent you a message

(Barry) #37

Yes, I have seen just how ‘easy’ it is in this video :grin: