Twizy for sale in Carnoustie

(Mike) #1

Hi folks. Selling my twizy. 2013, 18,000 miles. Battery charges to 98%. Its used every day, but it’s loved. I e fallen in love with an s class Mercedes. I’m in Carnoustie, Scotland. First £3000 secures. I think that’s pretty reasonable.

Why don't the dealers want to sell me a new twizy?
(Mike) #2

It comes with a type 2 charging cable and the Renault windows.


Hi I’m new to the twizy world and am interested in your twizy but I’m a bit worried about the milage. Seems funny to be worrying about 18k but it most of the twizy I’ve seen have much lower milage.


(osbrook) #4

@Bfog Last weekend I was at the EV meet at the British Motor Museum There were 4 Twizys and only one had less that 18,000 miles. In fact the one that is as old as mine (June 2012) had done 70,000 miles. All on the same battery but a few sets of pads and other bits.

Charging to 98% is normal for that age Twizy it doesn’t reflex on the battery state of health though.

(Mike) #5

Well it works well for me. I’m only selling as my fleet has got way too big!!

(askho) #6

My 2012 Twizy has nearly 17000 miles on it and it is still running faultlessly (touch wood). I use it virtually everyday, albeit for short journeys only. It seems most of the problems people have with the Twizy arise from lack of use. It’s meant to be used, so a mileage of 18000 is not a big deal.

(Mike) #7

Mine is used every day. My daily commute is about 26 miles on rural roads. I normally have 13-18 miles range left by the time I get home, which is pretty damned good. I think you’re right about lack of use killing twizys. The same is true for normal cars. My 30,000 mile 2004 Cadillac limo has cost me a fortune in repairs since I bought it!:rofl::crazy_face:

(Toby) #8

Nice cheap Twizy there. 18,000 miles is not a huge amount at all (quite high compared to other Twizys) £3k is a bargain.