Twizy Genuine car cover


(Luis Jaramillo) #1

Got a few OEM cat covers for the Twizy. Great for those that park the Twizy outside. Waterproof and dust proof. 180euro with free shipping to anywhere.


Hi - can you let us know what the material is used for the cover?


Can you tell me what the material is that these are made from?

(Luis Jaramillo) #4

Sorry for the late reply, the cover is made from polypropylene and it uses tie down grommets that attach to the car so it stays on nice and tight on the car.

(Alex) #5

I think you can do a much better price for my friends here.

(Luis Jaramillo) #6

I did see someone selling a used one for 170euro plus posting somewhere on the form. How about for this week only, I’ll do the same price of 170euro (shipping included) to anywhere. And if you buy two covers, I’ll include a free one.

(Tom May) #7

I love this car cover for its some amazing features:

  • guards against dirt and dust
  • water-repellent
  • tear-resistant
  • breathable
  • for protection of the paint the cover is made of light and soft material
  • easy handling
  • easy fixing due to the elastic band in the front and back
  • the snap-on strap affords additional hold at the bottom of the car

(Luis Jaramillo) #8

For this weekend I’m selling the covers for 150euro with free shipping! I’ve only got 3 covers left.

(Luis Jaramillo) #9

Another happy customer from Spain. Get your cover now for 150euro with free shipping. Only for this weekend.

(Luis Jaramillo) #10

Got one new OEM Twizy cover left for 150euro with free shipping anywhere.

(Khalid Al Darmaki) #11

My name is Khaled from United Arab Emirates. I’ve been looking for so long for the cover please let me know how can I get one if it’s still available


(Luis Jaramillo) #12

Hi Khaled, covers are still available. If you have PayPal, just send me your email.