Twizy Glass Roof - Yes or No?


(Mark Espie) #1

Would be interested to hear if people think a glass roof is a worthwhile accessory for a Twizy ?

(pisoiu) #2

I think that’s a matter of personal taste. I have it and I like it, especially in summer. I do not see any problem with it, except the purchase price.

(Badger) #3

I have one and I personally dont recommend it, i am even thinking about getting one without. In summer it not only burns my head, it blinds me. I rather have a dark inside so i can see better. I tinted my pano roof which i like way more. But better would be to not have it. But thats just me, others maybe like it.

(Samo) #4


I have the glass roof and will not by a twizy widouth it…i drive it all year around and its perect.
I have a shade screen four the summer. :wink:
Its a must four me


(Pollus Fornerod) #5

I was thinking of retrofitting a glass roof. Right now the ceiling is black. Most of the time the dog is in the back seat and he seems not to care, but my girlfriend hates it there because it feels to claustrophobic. So I had the idea a glass roof would open up the passenger space a little.

(Sebastian Krigholm) #6

Yes. This is the best future on twizy

(Kuki Bajker) #7

I have it & I like it… but I made mesh curtain for the front part of the roof.

(Mark Espie) #8

Are you in UK ? Don’t fancy the idea of getting sunburnt :pensive:

(Badger) #9

I’m in Berlin and this summer was so hot I really died, also anyone in the back died, but I guess I’m the only one having a problem haha. Either I’m blinded or overheat. Also keep in mind, it’s not “glass” it’s plastic. It gets milky over years and scratches super easy. If you want to be safe, get panorama roof and tint it worst case. Then you have the option.

(Roel) #10

I did not have a sunroof in my Cargo, but my wife has one in her two seater. I love that sunroof! So I bought me a separate sunroof and replaced the black one with this elegant alternative. Never any regrets. When you live in Algeria or Dubai the sun can be a problem, but where I live (the Netherlands) I never felt uncomfortable. I guess Great Britain also does not have sun in abundance (at least till Brexit) so for the time being I see no drawbacks.

On this forum you will find the how-to’s. Success!

On a side note, the price of that roof has been quatro doubled after Renault adopted the scheme made by an international consultancy firm. They argued that the old fashioned way of pricing, being cost price added with profit, is less interesting than a price based on emotional criteria. So an item with a low consumer interest keeps a low price, but items which mean a lot to the consumer can have a much higher selling price. As is seen with the ‘glass’ roof. In earlier days the price was around €60,- now €240?


Not only has the ‘glass’ roof gone up from 60 to I think closer to 300, it’s also in back order. Has anybody tried to shape their own plexiglass roof using their solid roof as template?