Twizy Mudflaps


(mender) #21

No point-the proper ones are £30 a pair and the above are £19.99ea!
I am waiting for mine to arrive at the dealers and I will report on the difference they make when fitted.

(osbrook) #22

Worse still they do not look flexible and so you would snap them off on speed bumps.

(mender) #23

Fitted mine a while back and they make a tremendous difference-less mud up the doors, less overall mess and less mud vapour blowing into the cabin.

For £30 and a really easy fit (take the mudguards off, not the wheels as per earlier posts) these are:

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED :expressionless:

(ecofunkytravel) #24

I’m glad you found them easy to fit, and wish I had taken my own advice and removed the mud guards instead of the wheels. Having said that, I’d be wary of what *you *would count as a “really easy fit”, bearing in mind what you do for a living! :razz:


(mender) #25

Good point :lol: :lol:
Took me 20 mins to do it all, swapped the recommended 9mm drill for 8mm to get a snug fit too. Pro job :wink:

(ecofunkytravel) #26

Show off! :wink:

(system) #27

TWIZY CHRISTMAS - Mud flaps as a Christmas present Today yeah! >:)

(mender) #28

I think these are the best addition to a Twizy-really worth having. Enjoy!

(system) #29

Following the advice to unbolt the mud guard it took me 10mins to drill and fit the extension today… Twizy without the mud guard looked wierd but kinda cool…

(mender) #30

Yep, if you ignore the Renault fitting instructions and simply remove the guards, it is an easy 10 minute job per side.

I thought it looked cool with the guards off too, but dread to think of the spray/mud in the cabin 8-|

(Normsthename) #31

I fitted a Fender Extender (Mudflap) to my Motorbike the other week.
The instructions said to remove the mudguard but I just used a bit of metal to stop the drill going into the tyre!
Only took a minute to drill the holes.
Can’t you do the same thing with the Twizy Mudflaps?


(mender) #32

No-bolts go internally, inside outwards, plus guard is very tight on tyre. Would have done this otherwise!

(Normsthename) #33

Had my Twizy for a week, and after the first two miles in the snow it was absolutely filthy :frowning:
So I went to the Renault Dealer and ordered the optional Mudflaps.
Had to pay for them up front but they only took two days to arrive.
Fitted them this afternoon and removed the Mudguards.
I was a bit sceptical about the time quoted for fitting them, but now I have done it I am a believer! :smiley:
What a PITA to fit.
Removing the guards only took 5 minutes and the holes were drilled in no time.
The rest of the time was me struggling to get the screws in, you probably heard me swearing! :smiley:
The trouble is the screws are only just long enough and the Mudflaps are flexible.
Any how I managed to get them fitted and then took the Twizy to get it washed!
After it was once again nice and shiny I went out for a drive.
Two miles later I went thru’ a massive puddle, I was horrified that I had got Twizy dirty again :frowning:
Once I stopped I was very happy to see the car was still pristine.
The Mudflaps work! :smiley:



This is something I really need to get for mine. I’m in London every day and it just gets filthy. How much were they going to charge you for fitting?

(mender) #35

They really are good aren’t they-very pleased with mine too :cool:

(Normsthename) #36

How much were they going to charge you for fitting?

I fitted them myself.
I would guess a dealer would charge an hours Labour at least.
Dont know what the going rate is???


(system) #37

Im sure it said £70 in the accessorie brochure - as they are £30 new, rest is fitting.

(Will B) #38

Hi everyone,

I see this thread is pretty old. I picked up my new (white) Technic last week and with the mud on the country roads it’s not really white anymore…could anyone tell me where to buy mudflaps and whether I need front and rear? Are they fairly straightforward to fit?



(osbrook) #39

Here are the official fitting instructions. However it is easier to take the mudguard off the car than remove a wheel.

My instructions are above

(Will B) #40

Thanks for that. Any tips where to buy them? Do I need front / rear or both?