Twizy Mudflaps


(osbrook) #41

Mine came from Renault as I wanted then to fit correctly and neatly. I only have front ones as I like the rooster effect on wet roads out the back! :open_mouth:

With the Twizy being low the mud flaps need to flex when going over speed bumps etc. So the standard cheap ones don’t work. I suppose if looks aren’t key then a piece of rubber mat would work well.

(Alexander) #42

Got mine from ministromer, has clear instructions in the box. Im not saying it was an easy install, but its worthed.

(Subevo) #43

Yes they are worth fitting as they keep car a lot cleaner.

(Martin Lynch) #44

I ordered my set on Friday. Awaiting delivery. The side of the vehicle gets covered without them!

(Will B) #45

Hi Martin - could you tell me where you ordered from?



(osbrook) #46

Mine came form my Renault dealer. Are they not on the Renault website anymore?

Mine were about £30. Some on ebay for £55!

(Martin Lynch) #47

I got mine direct from Renault Retail. £50!!! Couldn’t find them cheaper. This is the link;



Mine were also £50 from Renault, fitted them earlier today

(Martin Lynch) #49

Subevo, Very good once again and it’s great to see Renault’s high standard of engineering its accessories made it such a dream for you to fit the mud-flaps. really looking forward to the job now :frowning:

(osbrook) #50


No need to remove the wheels, as per the link posted above.

(Martin Lynch) #51

Yep, that’s the route we’ll take and they finally arrived this morning.

(Martin Lynch) #52

Okay, here is my lovely fellow Martin starting part 1 of his Twizy Fix of the day. See video’s on how he fitted the mud flaps to my Twizy.

Click on each link to watch:

Video Part 1

Video Part 2

Video Part 3

Video Part 4

Video Part 5

Video Part 6

(osbrook) #53

Well Done. Same way As I did mine with the same issues of the nuts not aligning as easily as expected.

(Pål Andor Østvold) #54

After reading this topic here in the forum, I ordered the mudflaps at same time as the Twizy. That will be dealer installed and the extra added price including labor was 900 NOK

I wish I also had a “Martin” to help out :slight_smile:

(osbrook) #55

They are easy to fit and you don’t need to remove the wheel. The whole mud guard only has 2 bolts. Take them off and go indoors to fit the mud flaps. There are 3 holes to drill per flap.

A lot easier to bolt on the flaps on a table in the warmth than kneeling on the floor in the cold.

(Pål Andor Østvold) #56

I got the labor for free :slight_smile: So I said nothing.


I never noticed this until last week, but in my mirrors on a rainy day, I can see what appears to be near-vertical water spray from the rear tires when the road is wet. Is this normal? I tried to document the best I could.

(Luis Jaramillo) #58

Totally normal.