Twizy OBD port DTC diagnostic fault / error codes

Has anyone come across a comprehensive list of error codes for the Twizy?

A couple of months ago I received a Delphi diagnostic lead, which when plugged into my Twizy came up with many fault codes.

Assuming most of these would be historic and no longer an issue, I saved a copy of them and cleared them from my Twizy.

Around a month later I scanned again and was pleased to find my Twizy still error free.

Tonight, when I turned my Twizy on to leave work, some lights flashed on the dash along with two dashes where the speed should be. These quickly disappeared and all has been well since.

I re-scanned my Twizy this evening to find the following fault codes.

Fault codes
Instrument (Instrument - Diagnose - AT)
DTC Description
3B290B00 - Unknown fault code
3BCB0300 - Unknown fault code
56250428 - Unknown fault code
214B003B - Unknown fault code
CB030056 - Unknown fault code
26000000 - Unknown fault code

Again, I have saved a copy and the faults have cleared.

I’ve tried searching the internet for each code but found nothing to suggest what they mean.

Does anyone know where I might find this information?


check your 12V battery its probably on the way out , i’ll scan my fault codes later and post here.

wow no error codes on mine , must be something broken :grin:

I replaced the 12v battery last year although it has been fully drained once since then.

I have the later revision of charger that keeps it topped up now.

I have the mk2 charger but recently found the 12V around 11.2V , battery is about one year old.

Once drained they never have the same capacity. So it could be that.

yep my last three 12V batteries all failed due to cell damage.