Twizy offroad wheels

(Ben Herron) #1

Anyone’s on here?
Taken by someone at work in Windermere.
Interested to know the details on wheel size et/tyres etc?


I used to live very close to that place. They always have weird and wonderful cars. I suspect they use it for advertising their off road services. It’s Kankku off road.
I am down there tomorrow, if it is there i’ll take some snaps

(Ben Herron) #3

Cheers, would be cool to know the setup.

(Håkan Lidell) #4

It’s probably 12 or 14 inch atv/utv rims with 27 inch or bigger tires should be easy to find with 4/100 Bolt pattern, they will make some nosie when not offroading and most likely drain your battery pretty fast.

I run 30 inch on my utv, don’t think I will put on my twizy when I get to buy one :blush:

(osbrook) #5

Ask @W0lfgang about those types of Tyres his mate has some on his Twizy.

(Andy) #6

Hi there. Not atv tyres on mine. Nankang.


It wasn’t there when I went passed unfortunately. Probably floated away, roads were trecherous due to flooding.

(Lloyd Edwards) #8

Andy…Osbrook said your mate has those tyres on his Twizy…any pics :+1:.

(Andy) #9

No, he has the same setup as me.

(Lloyd Edwards) #10

Both look great Andy :+1: …but tell your mate he’s got a couple of those tyres on the wrong way :wink:.

(Andy) #11

Yeah, he was in a rush to get to the pub on Wednesday night and just got his wheels. He realised later that evening :joy: