Twizy on channel 4

(Bassflex) #1

Stephen Fry has got a new techy series on channel 4 next Monday at 8:30.

on the ad it shows a twizy!

(James Cook) #2

Don’t forget this is on tonight at 8.30PM!

(mender) #3

Thanks, Sky+ed it.

(Bassflex) #4

Checked the listing and the Twizy is on tonight’s one.

(system) #5

I think it faired quite well :slight_smile:

(mender) #6

Positive article :cool:

I’m waiting to see what Top Gear make of it-Top Gear magazine says “we want one” in the car specs section…

(Lightly) #7

Will get a lot more people interested in our Twizy’s, with" I saw that on telly last night"
I already got a few texts asking if I was watching :slight_smile:

(Shep76S) #8

I though Mr ross would have had more to say, he used to run an Isetta bubble car.

(mender) #9

On Fifth Gear (new series on Discovery Channel Mondays 8pm) Jonny Smith did road tests on the Renault Fluence and Dacia Duster this week-both positive-and much better thought out than VBHs dreadful Twizy review.

I wonder what they will make of the ZOE when the time comes?